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    I love Clark, he's a handsome choice and yes their are the associations what with Clark and Kent but at the end of day you like the name so why don't you use just use it! : )

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    I like it! And I actually like the Superman references...I think it's fine. And I like Clark Alexander.
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    Thanks everybody. I really love Clark, but I think I am less sure of myself lately because of all the pregnancy hormones. I think you are all right about having a longer middle name to compliment it. I love your suggestions. I'm slow at this naming stuff so I have to give it some thought. Thanks again.
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    I'm Back! Clark has really grown on me and I am looking for middle names to go with it. Usually I go for a family name, but since Clark already covers that base I am mostly looking for flow.

    Here's some other things to consider:

    I'm mostly looking at 3+ Syllables - I definitely agree with you ladies that Clark seems to pair better with a longer 3-4 syllable middle name.

    Last name sounds like "Oh-tiss" so nothing ending with O will work. Neither will anything ending in S, just too hissy.

    Thank you so much for your responses!

    Clark Anthony - This is would be my favorite but I feel like it is a bit close to Marc Anthony. Thoughts?
    Clark Alexander - I also like this one but I am getting a little tired of hearing Alexander in the middle. Its still under consideration though.
    Clark Benjamin - I've always loved Benjamin but never considered it because I didn't want BO initials. Is CBO OK? DH also has a cousin Ben who we
    never see (so not a big deal to us).
    Clark Nathaniel - I've never really liked Nathaniel, but I love it in this combination. Maybe I can find something similar ending in l.
    Clark Gabriel - A good alternative, but all I hear is Clark Gable.
    Clark Jacoby - I love this, but it seems tied to avid sports athletes/fans, which would be laughably ironic for us. WDYT?
    Clark Rafferty - Perfect, but too close to Raphiel/Raphael (another family name) used for one of my sons.
    Clark Finnegan - I'm worried about CFO. I know I should see "Chief Financial Officer" and be happy, but all I see is FO. Am I too sensitive about
    Clark Oliver - Olivia's popularity has kind of made this seem stale to me. I do like it so it is still under consideration.
    Mom to Henry, Mollie, Gideon, and expecting Clark Ebenezer in November.

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