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    Thoughts on Clark

    This seems to be the top contender for our November baby. It's an important family surname and we happen to both quite like it (a small miracle).

    Potential problems with it are:

    1. Its a pretty common surname and our own surname is a recognizable (not top 1000) first name. Will this be confusing?

    2. Husband's name is Kent. He was actually named by his dad who thought he entered the world like a "speeding bullet." A lot of people wanted us to name DS1 Clark Kent ____. Not a bad association, but I already feel like Clark is pretty tied to the Man of Steel without the whole Kent-as-a-dad thing.

    3. I am having a hard time finding a middle name that I like with it. I'd love suggestions that flow well.
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    I really like the name Clark! It's a great name that's familiar but not overused.

    1) I don't see it as that confusing, since Clark is also known to be a first name as well.

    2) That's a hard one. I love Superman (particularly the old Dean Cain show), so I like the connection, but I can see it being a little much. In your case, I think it's slightly offset by the fact that you have three children already with non-Superman names; if you're signing Christmas cards "Love Mom, Kent, and Clark", the connection is obvious, but if it's "Love Mom, Kent, other children, and Clark", it's not so obvious. People will make comments sometimes, but it's usable... as long as your name isn't Lois. :-)

    3) I like Clark with a longer middle name. Suggestions: Clark Alexander, Clark Anthony, Clark Benjamin, Clark Everett, Clark Julian
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    maggiefromcanada is right on.

    We considered Clark for a first name too--it's a family last name on my mom's side. I think it has a "cool factor" plus it sounds strong and easy for a man to grow into. I like the suggestions for a longer middle name: Alexander and Benjamin being my favorite. Others to consider Bennett, Barrett, Nathaniel, Zachary, Gregory.

    Good luck and congrats on another boy!

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    I love Clark!

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    I love Clark! It really needs to be used more often. The fact that it's a family name for you makes it all the better!

    I don't think having a Clark and a Kent in the same family would necessarily be an issue. My cousin's name is Michael and his son's name is Jackson. It's sort of the same situation, and as far as I know nobody has ever said anything. Personally I think it's kind of cool. Clark isn't exclusively tied to Superman either. There's also Lewis & Clark and Clark Gable.

    I agree with using a longer middle name. Clark Theodore, Clark Nathaniel, Clark Matthias, Clark Alexander, Clark Tobias, Clark Isaiah, Clark Elliot, Clark Gabriel, etc.
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