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Thread: Alexander Blake

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    Alexander Blake

    So, my brother & I were joking around and saying that we would someday name our kids after each other, someday in the very distant future. It was a joke, really, but it got me to thinking, what names could I come up with? So I have turned to Nameberry for help.

    My brother's name is Alexander Blake, and he goes by Alex, but I call him Al, and sometimes the rest of the family slips into it.

    For the first name I have possibilities like:
    Alan (Sharing the "Al" nn)
    Alastair (said al uh ster? pronunciation help needed!)
    Alanzo (I know it's a little odd, but it has "zo" in it, like Lorenzo, which is a long story-joke mainly involving Al)
    Sasha (the "russian alexander", right?)
    any other ideas?

    I can't really come up with any for Blake *eek* 8o

    I'm on a theoretical mission, Nameberries, thanks for your help.

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    I love Alan!

    How about:
    Blane/ Blaine
    Finn (has the same meaning as Blake I think)

    Alan Blane is great I think!

    Ellie xx
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    I love Sasha on a boy! And also love the suggestion of Finn for the same meaning as Blake.
    Sasha Finn? So cool.
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    Well, now I'm utterly confused on the Blake/Finn thing.
    These are straight from their nameberry pages.
    Meaning of Blake: "fair-haired, dark"
    Meaning of Finn: "white, fair"

    They both have the fair thing, which means blonde, right? But then how does Blake mean Dark and Fair?

    Also, I ran some super-searches for "Fair-haired" and "Dark" and "White" and "Fair" (For Finn) and I came up with
    Finlay, Colton, Gannon, Berin, Sherlock, Fynn {Though it's a y-for-an-i name, my family is really close with a Finn, and I wouldn't want to "steal" the name completely}, Finnigan, Gwyn, Justin, Venn

    silverr- I do like Sasha Finn ^)

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