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    Quote Originally Posted by wgcathyhillary View Post
    I'm looking for names to pair in a sibset with Beatrice "Betty" but it feels like everything is too formal to go with Betty or too informal to go with Beatrice. I figured a nice way around that was to find other names that have it both ways - so far I have;

    Amelia or Camilla "Millie"
    Harriet "Hallie"
    Caroline "Callie"
    Felicity "Lissie" - would this work or is Lissie more of a casual nickname than one you'd actually go by? Like "Rach" for Rachel?
    Eloise "Elsie"

    Any other suggestions?
    You've got some lovely names already - Lissie totally works as a nickname for Felicity I also like Flick - the names above also sound lovely with Beatrice! My favourite from the list is Caroline, I honesty think Caroline is such a gorgeous under-used classic. Caroline is a beautiful choice.

    Anastasia 'Annie'
    Elisabeth 'Lisa'
    Wilhelmina 'Mina'
    Scarlett 'Letty'
    Rosemary 'Rosa'
    Genevieve 'Evie'
    Gabriella 'Ella'
    Victoria 'Tori'
    Angelica 'Angie'
    Alexandra 'Alexa'
    Penelope 'Penny'
    Catherine 'Cathy'
    Clementine 'Clemency'
    Jennifer 'Jenny'
    Josephine 'Josie'
    Araminta 'Minty'

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    I think Felicity nn Lissie works fine for a nickname to go by all the time, personally.
    Ideas -

    Katherine "Katie" or 'Kitty'
    Elizabeth "Libby," or "Lizzie'
    Margaret 'Meggie' or 'Maisie/Maisy' or 'Molly'
    Guinevere 'Gwinnie'
    Caroline 'Carrie' or 'Callie' (this one's my favorite)
    Rosalind 'Rosie' or 'Lindy'
    Eleanor 'Ellie' or 'Norrie' or 'Nell'
    Emmeline 'Emmy'
    Evangeline 'Evie'
    Charlotte 'Lottie'
    Alexandra 'Allie' or 'Andie'

    Sorry about repeats

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    I quite like Adelaide nn Addie or even nn Lady
    Other names that might would all work well with Beatrice nn Betty I think are:
    Josephine nn Josie
    Matilda nn Tillie
    Rosalind nn Rosie/Lindy
    Edith nn Edi
    Marian/Mariana nn Mary/Annie
    Lavinia nn Vinnie
    Esther nn Essie
    Cassandra nn Cassie/Annie
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