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    I think it will rise but not the extent of uber popularity. Anyway, if you love it that's more important than popularity. Go ahead, set the trend

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    I think almost any name is at risk of becoming too popular or even just having the misfortune of two kids with the same name in one class. If you love the name and it's not wildly popular now then you should be safe enough to use it.
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    I can't see it ever being overly popular. I love it.

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    I think that the Elle/Ella/Ellie pre-fix means it will end up in the same category as Addie names, are those too popular in your opinion? Popularity is such a personal thing. To some, anything outside the top 30 is crazy, to others anything in the top 1000 is sooo pedestrian! I think Eloise is on-trend in a good way and if you love it you should use it! I believe it is the name of a children's book character & Denise Richard's youngest daughter. Does that make it over-exposed to you? I think it also depends on where you live. You might never meet another if you live in a place where popular names rule, if you're in a city it might be somewhat more common.

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    Its very popular here but not as popular in the US, if the popularity is a worry choose an unusual nickname like Lulu, Lula or Lola.
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