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    Suggestions with names for third child

    I am having my third child in January and I have no idea what to name the baby if he's a boy. Older siblings are Jude Matthew, and Gavin Lee. However, if she's a girl then I'm torn between Violet Grace, or Vivian Grace. For a boy I like Aaron for a possible middle name...please help me!

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    Jude and Gavin are very strong names IMO, and I like Violet with them. Violet is very feminine IMO, whereas Vivian is less so (maybe it seems this way to me as Vivian is unisex?). I love Violet Grace.

    Boy suggestions:
    Connor Aaron *
    Leo Aaron
    Noah Aaron
    Harvey Aaron
    Seamus Aaron *
    Dominic Aaron
    Felix Aaron
    Finley Aaron
    Dante Aaron
    Eric Aaron
    Archer Aaron
    Nikolai Aaron *
    Dexter Aaron *
    Oliver Aaron

    I hope some of these catch your eye!

    (I *'d my favourites)
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    Because Vivian and Gavin sound a little similar, I'd use Violet Grace for a girl with Jude and Gavin. Some possible boy names:

    Jude, Gavin, and

    Bruce Aaron
    Clark Aaron
    Drew Aaron
    Keith Aaron
    Lucas Aaron
    Marcus Aaron
    Mitchell Aaron
    Neil Aaron
    Philip Aaron
    Reid Aaron
    Seth Aaron
    Stuart Aaron

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