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    Isabelle - I prefer Isabel, but that's not about popularity it's just the look of it, as I think Isabel is more visually distinct from the over-popular Isabella. (e's and a's look a lot alike in many people's handwriting, and some people will just see the name and assume it's Isabella...). I see for you it has personal significance. I'd use it if I loved it.

    Caleb - I don't like it, but it's not about popularity. I wouldn't discount a name I loved because of popularity. For boys it's mostly Top Ten popularity that would ruin for me, anyway, and Caleb's not THAT popular.

    Arianne - this and Aria/Ariana suffer, not from popularity per se, but from shooting into popularity from nowhere. As in, none of them are anywhere near as popular as some evergreen picks, but they feel more of-the-decade than those evergreen picks that outnumber them. I'd rather have an Isabelle or Olivia than an Arianne.

    Everett - I like it. I love Emmett, which is in the same pile.

    Olivia - I like it. I would not mind it, but I hear it a lot.

    Asher - I adore this name.

    Violet - I like this enough to not care about it's popularity. I feel the same way about hated-on-Nameberry Lily, and oft-criticized Ivy. I do love the traditional florals.

    Jack - Too popular here (Top Five!) and exhausted. I only like it as a nickname, anyway, for John, not Jackson/Jaxon.

    Rachel - I wish I liked Rachel, because its a family name, but I don't. I don't think it's overused on current babies though.

    Grayson - This one feels trendy and overused to me.

    Liliana - I love this, and Lillian, and Lily, and would use them despite their popularity.

    Avery - Glad to see this on the boy's side. I don't mind it.

    Charlotte - Overused to me. Prefer Caroline, which has the same background.

    Bailey - Don't like it at all, on boys or girls.

    Samuel - I know a trillion, but it's not as popular in other circles.

    Eleni - Quite usable.

    Charles - Not over-popular, just NMS.

    Hannah - Very popular, yet I adore it. Hannah, Leah, and Naomi are probably my favourite mainstream Biblical girls' names and if I'm not wrong all three are in the US top hundred.

    Boaz - Certainly not suffering from overuse.

    Eva - I'm really over both Eva and Ava. Probably this is the only one that gets me right in the "another one...!"

    Brody - Fine for popularity.

    Catherine - Not even in the Top Hundred? I think of Catherine as evergreen. I'd rather see this than many.

    Ian - Fine.

    Tess - A bit on-trend but not unusable. I do love it as a nickname for Theresa or Esther but those may be too old-fashioned for you? (That's why I didn't count Esther as mainstream Biblical...)

    Dominic - Love this.

    Emmeline - Not only do I love this, I still love Emily, which will tell you how I feel about loving a name despite popularity because Emily has been popular for yonks.

    Zane - Love this. Would use. Am campaigning for it actually.

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    I'd rather meeta kid with a pop ular name than to meet someone who literally says 'Oh no not another (whatever)' as a reaction when they meet a baby.

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    I hate to tell you this Ash because I think you'd regret not using it, but the name I feel I hear the most in my immediate area is Isabelle. I don't feel the "Oh, no, not another" sentiment though because it is a lovely name though I could do without Izzy. For me, I mostly feel the "Oh, no" reaction to recently created names as oppose to a surge in a traditional classic like Emily, Emma, Sophia, etc. When I branch further a field and more into the nicer suburbs I hear lots of Jacks, Sams, Charlottes and Olivias.

    If you want less common, than I vote you use Tess, Eva, Zane and Asher.
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    I am seeing Lila/Lyla all over the place lately. And weird, 2 FB friends (strangers to each other) had son's named Owen the same week.
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    I work with kids, and I'm not sure how much it matters since I'm sure we are from different countries, but the only names from your list I would say are super popular with the kids I see are Isabelle, Olivia, Charlotte and Jack. All 4 names are lovely classics, so I definitely do not cringe when I hear kids with these names.
    I love meeting little Isabelle's, Charlotte's and Jack's. I get slightly sad when I meet a bunch of little Olivia's, but thats only because it's very close to my #1 name.
    Btw I thought I would comment that my favourites from your list are Tess, Catherine, Charles and Samuel!
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