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    I'm not the best judge as I don't know a lot of little kids, but none of your names elicit a "Not another...." response from me. The only ones I hear a lot are Jack (usually short for Jackson), Olivia, and Hannah, but in my mind, those are all great, classic names.

    Names from your list that I'd find refreshing to hear on a child: Ian, Josephine, Emmeline, Avery (my nephew's name, so I'm always happy to see it on another boy!)
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    I really like all the names in your signature and would use them regardless of popularity, especially if they have a family connection. Besides, what if you passed over one of your favorites to chose a name for its uniqueness only to have it become the next big thing? For example, there are three little Maeve in my social circle, all of their parents thought they would never meet another Maeve! (Little did they know...)

    For what its worth, I have one of the most popular female names of all time (Elizabeth) and I've always loved my name regardless of its popularity!

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    I wouldn't change your names if you really love them and they have family significance. I also really love Jack, it's just a pretty awesome name. One idea I had was doing it so that the initials worked well together to use as a nickname like JJ if he has a problem being known as Jack F. or something. Also there is Jock the Scottish version that's different enough but very similar. I think very few people groan when they hear a common name. For me it's more the trendy ones (Jayden) or names that for some reason I just really dislike.
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    Thanks, ladies! @cmkmommy - I am with you totally--I'm an Ashley and loved the popularity of my name. I was shy, and I loved having a name that made me feel like I "fit in", even if I didn't, really. I can't really see my children being super friendly/popular/loud/in-your-face, so I feel like my children would probably appreciate having a familiar, sturdy, classic, yet appealing, wonderful name. Plus, the majority of my kids will likely be adopted, anyway, so if I do change their names, I feel like they'd appreciate having a name that helped them feel like they fit in, too. I'm not really fussed about choosing an obscure name--I've ranted enough times about how people suggest Isadora to me because it's less common than Isabelle, which I frankly don't give a hoot about. It's Isabelle I love; it's Isabelle I'll use. If I wanted obscure, I'd use obscure. But on my vacation, I realized how overplayed some of these names were--Sofia, Noah, etc.--and I didn't want people cringing at the names I will potentially give my children, either.
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    I love the name Isobel and I agree Isadora just isn't the same. I love mostly popular names Matilda is number 18 and Alice is 49 in Wa though there were only 34 Alice's and 108 Matilda's not really a huge number especially since WA is such a large state. Use what you want to use popularity isn't important my name is at number 97 in Australia and obscure in the US it went up 21 places after being out of the top 100 for two years. What I'm trying to say is you can't control what happens with popularity and Jack isn't all that popular in the US its been in the top ten for ages here and Isabelle is a different name to isabella.
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