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Thread: Bella vs. Issy?

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    We share the same love for Isabelle though for different reasons. If I ever have an Isabelle, she will be called Isa, or Belle, or (most of the time) Isabelle. Bella is way too popular for my taste, Issy somewhat make me think about easy, and Izzy.. well, I'm fairly neutral, but I do think it lessen the appeal.
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    I voted for Bella, but I don't really have a preference between Issy/Izzy and Bella for Isabelle. Whatever the person named Isabelle prefers. Personally I prefer the nickname Belle for all Belle/Bella names. I just really like the name Belle in general.
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    Bella still just screams Twilght to me so I just can't stand it lol. Belle would have been my preference, but I prefer Issy to Bella.

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    I voted Issy but do prefer the spelling Izzy/Izzie. But not a big deal. I find Bella a little too princessy for my taste but it's still cute! Always loved Isabelle/Isabella too. Could never use..have a cat named Izzy ha. We call her Isabella all the time
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    I vote for Bella because I have anyways disliked Issy/Izzy but for no apparent reason. I also have a dog called Bella so I think it's a sweet name/nickname. Anyway I think either nickname is fine.

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