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    Is this too much of a stretch?

    I like the idea of using family names, but some of them are not attractive (even though the person was very important in my life) or usable names. So...

    1. Is it too much of a stretch to honor a Judith and a Lester by smooshing them to make: Luther?
    2. Is it too much of a stretch to have a Luther (spelled this way) NN Thor? Or would you have to spell it Luthor, like the Batman villain?
    3. Semi-related question: is it overkill to use two different names, on two different children, to honor one person? Or would you opt for "one and done" in that situation? (for example I like Barnaby "Barney", and Barney honors my grandmother because it was her camp name, and Luther would honor her as well... would _____ Luther and Barnaby _____ be too much? or is it okay?)

    Any and all opinions welcome TIA
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    I think Barnaby and Luther are adorable together. and I especially love the nn Thor.

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    I think Luther and Barnaby are fine. I like the nn Thor too.
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    I never really understood this form of honoring. To me if you want to honor, you should use the name. It would be like someone saying to me "oh we're going to name her Diane, after you" I would be like "uh.. my name is Diana..."

    That's just how I feel, overall I think the names are fine and you're the only one, in the end, whose going to know that the names honor someone (since they aren't their exact names) so I don't think it's an issue at all.

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    1. Luther to honour a Judith and Lester makes perfect sense to me, I can clearly see the connection.
    2. A bit of a stretch, but not too difficult to see the connection between Thor and Luther. I don't think it matters which way Luther is spelled in order to reach the nickname Thor.
    3. No, it's not overkill. I would probably do the same if I ended up having two daughters, as I would want to name both of them after my mother. (We have a naming tradition in my family, and I wouldn't want a second daughter to be left out!)

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