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    I really adore Josephine, Margaret, Margot and Penelope. Edith is growing on me, too; love Edie.

    Alodia/Elodia I believe is way more polarizing than Wilhelmina is. Willa or Mina are darling nicknames. I agree to go with Elodie or even Eloise or Elise.

    Other suggestions:
    Catherine/Katherine - ALMOST named my daughter Catherine Elise/Catherine Eloise but my husband made me panic because he said it was too popular. For our generation, perhaps, but I don't believe so for the current generations. I just love the nickname Cate/Kate. It ages well, too.

    Tabitha - I think this is spunky yet sophisticated. Tabby is a fun nickname.

    Mary - Similar to how I feel about Catherine. I would love to see this make a comeback.

    Other saints names:
    Anastasia (Ana, Annie, Stassi)
    Beatrix or Beatrice (Bea pron. Bee or Bee-ah, Trix/Trixie or Tris)
    Mathilda (Tilly)
    Cecilia (Cece, Celia, Celie)
    Claudia (Dia), Claudie)
    Colette (Lettie)
    Demetria (Demi)
    Diana (Ana)
    Natalia (Talia)
    Regina (Gina, Gigi)
    Susanna (Anna, Zanna, Sookie)
    Frances (Frannie, Francie, Frankie, Fran)
    Genevieve (Gen, Genna, Eve)
    Georgia (Gigi)
    Theresa/Therese (Tess, Tessa)
    Theodora (Thea, Dora)
    Helena (Lena)
    Veronica (Vera, Roni)
    Victoria (Tori, Vickie)
    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Zoe Athena
    Claire Athena
    Margot Athena

    Jasper James
    Dexter James
    Miles Jameson

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    casilda Guest
    Peregrine's kind of cool... for a boy. It doesn't sound feminine to me at all. Would Penny work as a stand alone name?

    Great list, sllah, thank you! My favorites:

    Anastasia - I think all Anne/Anna names might be out though because his ex is "Annie".
    Demetria - Love it, just not sure I'd be brave enough to use it. I don't care for Demi though.
    Natalia - But, this is one letter off of Tally's name!
    Susanna - This has actually grown on me as a path to Sanna.
    Frances - I like this with the nickname Frankie.
    Genevieve - I want to like this but just can't, for whatever reason. I love it the NN Evie.
    Victoria - It's on the list but I don't like any nicknames for it.
    Catherine - It's a form of my mom's name so it's on my list, not sure why I didn't mention it. I like it as a FN but will probably end up using it as a middle.
    Mary - I do like this, and Mae. Mary was my great-grandma's name so it has special meaning for me. Mae is my mom's middle name.

    Oh, Verity and Evangeline are also on the list. I wouldn't use Evangeline with Josephine, but I looove the NN Eve/Evie. Verity would get the NN Vera (I'd pronounce it VAIR-uh and dislike the VEER-uh prn).

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    I really like Josephine and Frederick! They would makes a wonderful sib-set.


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    The only one I like from your list is Margot although I prefer the spelling Margo which may be trendy for you since you seem to prefer old fashioned names. The other names are ok but nms.
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    casilda Guest
    Margo isn't trendy to me but it does feel incomplete, lol.

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