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    Names for our daughter

    Here's our (my) list so far. I'm looking to add more names but am feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. We've talked about using a few of these IRL but I haven't gotten his opinion on the others. Please comment and feel free to suggest others. Ideally, I want something not too common but not unheard of, either. Trendy names are 'in' in my area so I'd like to get something that stands out, but is refreshing, not polarizing (I love Wilhelmina but I think it's a bit polarizing).

    Some are family names... I think the front-runner is Josephine for a girl and Frederick for a boy.

    Josephine "Josie"
    Margaret "Maggie"
    June -- he's said he doesn't like this as a FN but I'm still pushing it somewhat)
    Lilith -- Is this too polarizing for a Christian family?
    Penelope "Penny" -- I love the nickname Penny but think Penelope is just okay. I don't care for any other Penny formal names (Millicent, Pennina, etc.)

    ETA: Bonus points for using saints names, although that is NOT a requirement!
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    Josephine "Josie" - love this one!
    Margaret "Maggie" - great name, I like some other nicknames more than Maggie but still solid.
    June -- he's said he doesn't like this as a FN but I'm still pushing it somewhat) - Like June. There's also the NT Junia if you both like it more.
    Edith - very nice, although I like it more with nn Edie.
    Margot - I prefer Margot over Margaret (although I also like Margaret)
    Alodia/Elodia - this just seems likely to confuse people. I'd go with Elodie or skip this name.
    Lilith -- Is this too polarizing for a Christian family? - probably? I wouldn't want to use it. I see the appeal of the sound.
    Penelope "Penny" -- I love the nickname Penny but think Penelope is just okay. I don't care for any other Penny formal names (Millicent, Pennina, etc.) - hmm. Do you love Penny enough for Penelope? Penelope has so many other potential nicknames too.

    some thoughts

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    Josephine "Josie" -- I like this. I think it's cute for a little girl and works well for an adult. I'm not a huge fan of Josephine, but I agree with giving her a full name from which to draw the nickname Josie

    Margaret "Maggie" -- I love this one. I think it's one of those classic names that you could never go wrong using. It's a plus that there are so many nicknames for it should she decide she doesn't like her name. I think Maggie is cute

    June -- This is okay. Not my favorite. I usually don't like month names

    Edith -- I really don't like this name. Nothing about it sounds youthful to me. I picture an old lady with this name, not a baby, toddler, grade-schooler, teenager, college coed, young adult, or middle aged career woman

    Margot -- I love this. I think it works well on its own or as a nickname for Margaret

    Alodia/Elodia -- Not a fan, sorry

    Lilith -- Ditto

    Penelope "Penny" -- Ditto for this one too. I never understood the appeal of Penelope and the Kardashian link just made me dislike it more

    Other names that aren't too popular that I like (though they may not be your style):

    Gianna (nickname Gia)

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    My favorites are Josephine, Margaret, and Edith. And yes I don't think Lilith is a good name for a Christian family. Some other names which are saint names: Catherine, Helena, Adela/Adelaide/Adele/Adelina/Adeline, Juliana, Mariana, Agusta, Cecilia.
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    I really like Margot and Penelope from your list.

    Other suggestions:
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

    Averil - Caius - Casimir - Edmund - Ignatius - Benedict - Virgil - Raphael - Leopold - Clement - Caspar - Rainer - Romain - Ernest - Isidore - Wenceslaus - Balthasar - Peregrine - Gilbert - Cornelius - Augustine - Carlisle - Quentin - Severin - Castiel - Cyril

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