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    Names for our daughter

    Here's our (my) list so far. I'm looking to add more names but am feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. We've talked about using a few of these IRL but I haven't gotten his opinion on the others. Please comment and feel free to suggest others. Ideally, I want something not too common but not unheard of, either. Trendy names are 'in' in my area so I'd like to get something that stands out, but is refreshing, not polarizing (I love Wilhelmina but I think it's a bit polarizing).

    Some are family names... I think the front-runner is Josephine for a girl and Frederick for a boy.

    Josephine "Josie"
    Margaret "Maggie"
    June -- he's said he doesn't like this as a FN but I'm still pushing it somewhat)
    Lilith -- Is this too polarizing for a Christian family?
    Penelope "Penny" -- I love the nickname Penny but think Penelope is just okay. I don't care for any other Penny formal names (Millicent, Pennina, etc.)

    ETA: Bonus points for using saints names, although that is NOT a requirement!
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