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    I agree with Elliebean, as long as the name aren't extremely different, I dont think its too weird.

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    I personally like it when sibling names flow well with each other. I have ran into the dilemma of trying to find a name for my baby that sounds good with my step-children. I'm not sure it can be done, but if I have other children, I will want their names to go well with the name I choose for this baby.
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    It's not that big of a deal. Having children whose names sound beautiful together is lovely, but it's just a preference.

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    I don't think it matters that much, but it can be fun. When my husband and I agreed on names, we tended to stick to a very particular style - short, classic girl names - because these were the sort of names we both liked. My daughters are all individuals but they are also all young and will be living with me for a long time still and I do say all of their names together quite frequently. I like that they sound good together.

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    I dont think it matters at all unless the names are almost exactly the same like (EX; Tyler Kyler and Ryler) I feel odd man out my brothers and sister have relatively common names for their age group Brandon, Zack, Megan and then there is me Alena totally off the wall and different and I love it.

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