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    I LOVE the name Wesley. My younger brother is Wesley (he is 21), so maybe I am a little biased. I think it is a great name because...
    1. It ages well. I can see a cute little boy named Wesley or a grown man named Wesley.
    2. Wes is an awesome nickname.
    3. It's not weird or totally unheard of, but it's not TOO common.

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    I really like Wesley. Although it's not an uncommon name, I don't personally know anyone named Wesley, so I don't think of it as too popular. I think Wes or West are awesome nicknames, and I agree with the other posters who mentioned that it ages well.

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    I love Westley! I love it because of The Princess Bride and the nn West. Westley was my first crush!
    Wesley, nn Wes is nice too, and was a character on Buffy/Angel, but I like the added t on the end. I want to say West. Wes feels incomplete, it also reminds me of Les. Les is a bit of a skeezey name and then there is the word "less". I'm rambling, sorry. It just doesn't appeal to me like Westley/West does.

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    I love Wesley, it makes me think of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church.
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    Nice! It's a likable name, has romantic hero connotations without being too precious or fanciful, it'll age well with the boy, and it's fairly classic.

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