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    I am not a huge fan because to me it feels a bit fancy and I associate it more to Snipes than to the movie you love. I think it works with your girl names cause for me sibsets don't have to be super matchy for both genders. As long as your girl names kind of go together & your boy names kind of go together it's good.

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    I think I'm one of the few that dislikes Wesley. It's hard to put my finger on why. Both the wes and the ley really bother me. The name as a whole reminds me of weasel, and I never liked The Princess Bride.

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    I think it's fine. I prefer Wesley to Westley.
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    I don't see it going with your other names at all, it feels too traditional. Westley a little less so, but still very well known as a name. We used to play a game as kids where we would write down all the names that we could think of that start with a certain letter, in a certain amount of time. Wesley/Westley would be on the W list for most people - I'm guessing you would prefer names that wouldn't be on that list

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    I might be bias since I have a sweet Wesley (goes by Wes), and we haven't had any issues with popularity. We haven't even come across another Wes, much less a Wesley (I do find that Weston has been more common than Wesley). It has been a perfect name for our carefree, life loving, typical southern California dude.

    My husband would have preferred to have named him Westley, but, I despise the name. A lot. I can't think of anything other than The Princess Bride and that awful mustache. That is my own personal association though.

    ....and these are just my internal thoughts as someone with a Wesley.

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