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    Wesley - Yay or Nay? (And Why, please!)


    A name I'll admit I first fell in love with watching The Princess Bride. It was also the name of the first little boy I ever met born to someone my age, years ago, and I remember falling for the name at that time too because he was such a sweet kid.

    However, now that I'm actually thinking about children of my own, I find that the name is unfortunately popular. 2012 stats ranked it as #155. To some people that may not be so bad, but I generally speaking, gravitate towards less common names.

    What my question is, is do you think Wesley or Westley would be a good first name choice for me based on the other names I love? You can find those in my signature. If you could sell it to me a little, that would be much appreciated.
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    Nay for me because of the Princess Bride (weird-- I know). I guess I watched it when I was too young and the swamp rat creatures scared me? I also have a weird mental association between Wesley/Westley and weasel.

    That said, I know a couple that just had a baby in May and named their son Wesley James (nn Wes).

    Of the other names you like, I also like Alfie, Rafe and Cy very much. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Wesley... just not a personal favorite.

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    I love Westley and the princess bride reference just makes me like it more!

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    West or Westley is preferable, but I'm not really a fan. I like stronger names for boys (and girls, for that matter).

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    I like Wesley; I suppose I just like the sound of it, and the nickname "Wes." I can see the name on a boy, teen, and man. However, my husband vetoed it because it sounds "too feminine." So that's something to keep in mind. I do think it fits in with some of your other favorites, though (especially Alfred and Blair).

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