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    Eleanor Odette ? opinions please

    I'm pretty sure if baby is a girl she will be Eleanor. What do you think of Eleanor Odette. I'm still tossing around Juliette and am really crushing on Claire. I'm open to suggestions for both first and middles. Thank you again berries.

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    Ooh! I like it! Eleanor very elegant and distinguished, but also modern. Eleanor Odette is a wonderful combo! The flow isn't perfect, but I don't think that's all that important. Odette is so pretty and underused. It reminds me of Swan Lake.
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    I think both names are really nice. I do hear a little bit of "O's" running together. I like the flow of Eleanor Claire a bit better.

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    I like it, and my first thought was actually that you could call her Elodie, a smoosh of her first and middle!

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    I like it. I prefer the ancient version of Eleanor (Aeleanor), but it might be confusing for people (and I suspect the A is silent anyway...but it's prettier to me).

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