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    English Triplets – Benedict, Fitzwilliam nn Will and Holmes

    Irish Triplets – Connor, Liam and Finnegan nn Finn

    Scottish Triplets – Fifer, Callum and Alastair

    Welsh Triplets – Iwan, Gareth and Bowen

    French Triplets – Enjolras, Devereaux, and Frederic

    Italian Triplets – Amedeo, Galileo and Romeo

    Spanish Triplets – Rafael, Leonardo nn Leo and Hugo

    Dutch Triplets - Joost, Willem and Hendrik

    Scandinavian Triplets - Nilsson, Soren and Hamlet

    German Triplets – Rudy, Pippin nn Pip and Beethoven

    African Triplets – Taye, Odissan and Kato

    Arabic Triplets – Samar, Amael and Zafir

    Hawaiian Triplets – Kai, Koda and Aleka

    Hindi Triplets – Rohan, Vikram and Ravi

    Russian Triplets: Dimitri, Fyodor and Aleksei nn Alek

    Other Slavic Triplets – Casimir nn Cas, Vitaly and Nicolai nn Nico

    Japanese Triplets – Hiro, Asa and Kenji

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Isaac, Gabriel and Ezra (anglicized - if non-anglicized, it would be Michael [prn. mee-chai-ell with a hard H], Gavriel and Yaakov)

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Felix, Aristotle nn Ari and Marius (or Cato, or Leonidas nn Leo)

    Vintage Triplets – Silas, Ezra and Milo

    Native American Triplets – Sequoia, Isi and Halian (where was this category on the girls' list? Alaska all the way for a girl!)

    Literary Triplets – Sherlock, Enjolras and Dodger (literally 90% of the names on this list have some kind of literary connection, though, so...)

    Mythological Triplets – Apollo, Hermes and Artemis

    Saintly Triplets – Jude, Atticus and Castor

    Shakespearean Triplets – Mercutio, Puck and Macduff

    Country & Western Triplets – Huck, Wilder and Austen

    Nature Triplets – Larch, Cedar and Oak

    Place Names – Quebec nn Beck, Vancouver and Toronto

    Surname Triplets – Collins, Adler and Cohen

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Brave, Valor and Daring

    Nickname Triplets – Leo, Jack and Sam

    One-Syllable Triplets – Kirk, Max and Thane

    “Macho” Triplets – Wild, Archer and Fox

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Cassiel, Simon and Theo

    “Surfer” Triplets – Luke, Hayes and Kai

    Unisex Triplets – Ari, Mischa and Ellery
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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