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    Triplet Boys From Around The World!

    Hello Berries, I thought it would be fun to imagine giving birth to triplet boys from various cultures and naming them. You can use your guilty pleasure names. The names can be as different from each other as you want them to be in sound or look. The names can be from other origins as long as the name is spelled according to the respective culture. The only rule is to choose three names you LOVE for each category listed. I wonder what awesome sibsets you Berries can assemble? Ready for the challenge? Go crazy and have fun! I’ll go first.

    English Triplets – Alfred, Edmund and Humphrey

    Irish Triplets – Ciaran, Cormac and Tadhg

    Scottish Triplets – Alasdair, Duncan and Ewan

    Welsh Triplets – Iolo, Rhodri and Talfryn

    French Triplets – Baudouin, Olivier and Thierry

    Italian Triplets – Cosimo, Giacomo and Massimo

    Spanish Triplets – Diego, Fernando and Joaquin

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Anton, Njord and Oscar

    African Triplets – Afram, Enzi and Moswen

    Arabic Triplets – Hamza, Khalil and Sulaiman

    Hawaiian Triplets – Hanale, Kanoa and Kai

    Hindi Triplets – Arun, Kiran and Nandin

    Slavic Triplets – Casimir, Ivan and Nikolai

    Japanese Triplets – Akira, Daichi and Makoto

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Asher, Isaac and Micah

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Cassius, Ulysses and Virgil

    Vintage Triplets – Laurence, Victor and Harold nn Hal

    Native American Triplets – Delsin, Igasho and Ohanzee

    Literary Triplets – Austen, Marlowe and Wilde

    Mythological Triplets – Apollo, Orion and Thor

    Saintly Triplets – Augustine, Felix and Theodore

    Shakespearean Triplets – Cornelius, Horatio and Lysander

    Country & Western Triplets – Bryce, Wyatt and Zane

    Nature Triplets – Jasper, Grayling and Rowan

    Place Names – Caspian, Jericho and Seneca

    Surname Triplets – Harrison, Spencer and Locke

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Makepeace, Steadfast and Prosper

    Nickname Triplets – Charlie, Jack and Ned

    One-Syllable Triplets – Dean, Grant and Jude

    “Macho” Triplets – August, Duke and Sargent

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Adrian, Julian and Sebastian

    “Surfer” Triplets – Chad, Dirk and Troy

    Unisex Triplets – Amory, Leighton and Meredith
    All the best,

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