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    English Triplets – William, Nicholas, Gregory

    Irish Triplets – Brendan, Finnian, Sean

    Scottish Triplets – Malcolm, Stuart, Duncan

    Welsh Triplets – Tristan, Gareth, Rhys

    French Triplets – Julien, Phillippe, Christophe

    Italian Triplets – Andrea, Giuseppe, Lorenzo

    Spanish Triplets – Alejandro, Bartolomeo, Cristiano

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets - Frederick, Johan, Leopold

    African Triplets – Omari, Djimon, Kwame

    Arabic Triplets – Amir, Malik, Rashid

    Hawaiian Triplets – Keanu, Kai, Kimo

    Hindi Triplets – Rajesh, Vikram, Agni

    Slavic Triplets – Casimir, Dmitri, Vladimir

    Japanese Triplets – Daisuke, Yuzuru, Takeshi

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Benjamin, David, Joshua

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Leonidas, Archimedes, Orpheus

    Vintage Triplets – Henry, Theodore, Oliver

    Native American Triplets – Dasan, Eja, Nakos

    Literary Triplets – Percival, Caspian, Benvolio

    Mythological Triplets – Endymion, Apollo, Helios

    Saintly Triplets – Crispin, Valentine, Blaise

    Shakespearean Triplets – Balthasar, Edmund, Oberon

    Country & Western Triplets – Levi, Zane, West

    Nature Triplets – River, Sky, Forest

    Place Names – Jordan, Zion, Shiloh

    Surname Triplets – Laurence, Solomon, Xavier

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Valor, Sage, Noble

    Nickname Triplets – Max, Finn, Liam

    One-Syllable Triplets – Luke, Mark, John

    “Macho” Triplets – Hunter, Ace, Maxim

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Gabriel, Sebastian, Casper

    “Surfer” Triplets – Kai, Bodhi, Rider

    Unisex Triplets – Morgan, Rowan, Dylan (yeah, the same I used for the girl triplets...)
    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, Veronica "Vera" Seraphine, and baby number four, arriving September 2017 to complete our family!

    Nicholas ~ William ~ Alexander ~ Sebastian ~ Gabriel ~ Benjamin ~ Dominic ~ Oliver ~ Crispin ~ Gregory
    Zoe ~ Catherine ~ Veronica ~ Penelope ~ Elizabeth ~ Daphne ~ Anastasia ~ Seraphina ~ Ophelia ~ Felicity

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    Cair Paravel :)
    English Triplets – Henry, William, and George

    Irish Triplets – Declan, Ciaran, and Liam

    Scottish Triplets – Brody, Ewan, and Callum "Brody, Ewan, and Cal"

    Welsh Triplets – Ianto, Bryn, and Rhys "Ian, Bryn, and Rhys"

    French Triplets – Leo, Auguste, and Sebastien "Leo, Auggie, and Seb"

    Italian Triplets – Matteo, Benedetto, and Cristiano "Matt, Ben, and Cristiano"

    Spanish Triplets – Cristian, Elias, and Pedro

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Casper, Oskar, and Bram

    African Triplets – Akua, Baraka, and Ayo

    Arabic Triplets – Khalil, Khaled, and Khayr

    Hawaiian Triplets – Kaikea, Kainoa, and Kaimalolo "Kai, Koa, and Kal"

    Hindi Triplets – Aditya, Adeep, and Ajit

    Slavic Triplets – Ziven, Jonasz, and Vadeem

    Japanese Triplets – Dai, Hiro, and Isao

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Caleb, Asher, and Boaz "Cal, Ash, and Beau"

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Gaius, Augustus, and Christianus "Kai, Auggie, and Ian"

    Vintage Triplets – Silas, Henry, and Charles "Si, Henry, and Charlie"

    Native American Triplets – Ahanu, Elan, and Bidziil

    Literary Triplets – Caspian, Jack, and Sebastian "Ian, Jack, and Seb"

    Mythological Triplets – Thor, Leander, and Tristan "Thor, Leo and Tristan"

    Saintly Triplets – Augustine, Aloysius, and Alexander "Auggie, Wish, and Skandar"

    Shakespearean Triplets – Sebastian, Balthasar, and Frederick "Seb, Balt, and Freddie"

    Country & Western Triplets – Boone, Grayson, and Zane

    Nature Triplets – Rivers, Bay, and Caspian

    Place Names – Hudson, Lincoln, and York

    Surname Triplets – Grayson, Avery, and Zane "Gray, Ave, and Zane"

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Freedom, Brave, and August

    Nickname Triplets – Jack, Sam, and Charlie

    One-Syllable Triplets – Jack, Grant, and Zane

    “Macho” Triplets – Beau, Gunnar, and Jagger

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Caleb, Everett, and Asher "Cal, Ev, and Ash"

    “Surfer” Triplets – Brody, Seth, and Kai

    Unisex Triplets – Bailey, Avery, and Harper
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Elisabeth Clara Plum "Liesey"Judah Théophile GreyPearl Antônia SabineSchuyler Ezra Grey
    Casper Nathaniel EdenEleanor Pasqualina Mary "Lena"Samuel Gaspard JohnPoppy Thea Elisabeth
    Elliot JoshuaVerity OpheliaRory MaximilianAmelia Winter
    Felicity EmmanuelleSeamus OscarLillian PasqualinaAlaric Joel

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    These triplet trios are right up my alley!

    @mega_muffin - Welsh Triplets – Tristan, Gareth, Rhys/ French Triplets – Julien, Phillippe, Christophe/ Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets - Frederick, Johan, Leopold/ Japanese Triplets – Daisuke, Yuzuru, Takeshi/ Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Benjamin, David, Joshua/Vintage Triplets – Henry, Theodore, Oliver/ Saintly Triplets – Crispin, Valentine, Blaise/ Shakespearean Triplets – Balthasar, Edmund, Oberon/Surname Triplets – Laurence, Solomon, Xavier/ “Softer” Boys Triplets – Gabriel, Sebastian, Casper

    ashthedreamer - Welsh Triplets – Ianto, Bryn, and Rhys/ French Triplets – Leo, Auguste, and Sebastien/ Spanish Triplets – Cristian, Elias, and Pedro/ Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Casper, Oskar, and Bram/ Japanese Triplets – Dai, Hiro, and Isao/ Biblical/HebrewTriplets – Caleb, Asher, and Boaz/ Vintage Triplets – Silas, Henry, and Charles/ Literary Triplets – Caspian, Jack, and Sebastian/Mythological Triplets – Thor, Leander, and Tristan/ Saintly Triplets – Augustine, Aloysius, and Alexander/ Shakespearean Triplets – Sebastian, Balthasar, and Frederick/ Surname Triplets – Grayson, Avery, and Zane/ Nickname Triplets – Jack, Sam, and Charlie/ One-Syllable Triplets – Jack, Grant, and Zane
    All the best,

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    Love this! Great idea!

    English Triplets – Edmund, Alfred and Spencer

    Irish Triplets – Conall, Lorcan and Brendan

    Scottish Triplets – Logan, Duncan and Stuart

    Welsh Triplets – Tristan, Dylan and Bran

    French Triplets – Gaston, Hercule and Sebastien

    Italian Triplets – Luca, Marco and Gasparo

    Spanish Triplets – Dario, Esteban and Fernando

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Albert, Ferdinand and Stefan

    African Triplets – Faraji, Masego and Thabo

    Arabic Triplets – Amir, Faris and Hakim

    Hawaiian Triplets – Kai, Kale and Keanu

    Hindi Triplets – Ravi, Raja and Raghu

    Slavic Triplets – Casimir, Dragomir and Boris

    Japanese Triplets – Isamu, Takashi and Makoto

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Abraham, Benjamin and Jedidiah

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Aesop, Philippos and Darius

    Vintage Triplets – Irving, Felix and Jasper

    Native American Triplets – Enapay, Mikasi and Wapasha

    Literary Triplets – Bram, Dorian and Wilde

    Mythological Triplets – Morpheus, Eros and Orion

    Saintly Triplets – Francis, Basil and Patrick

    Shakespearean Triplets – Romeo, Lysander and Marcus

    Country & Western Triplets – Zane, Doc and Wyatt

    Nature Triplets – Wolf, Fox and River

    Place Names – Jordan, Caspian and Boston

    Surname Triplets – McCoy, Carson and Stuart

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Justice, Noble and Concord

    Nickname Triplets – Mickey, Tommy and Bram

    One-Syllable Triplets – Beau, Luke and Zane

    “Macho” Triplets – Duke, Max and Spike

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Julian, Gabriel and Leland

    “Surfer” Triplets – Brody, Kai and Dylan

    Unisex Triplets – Logan, Morgan and Bailey
    Phillip - Kingsley - Corbin - Edmund - Arthur - Winslow - Thomas - Leland - Gavin - McCoy
    Evangeline - Marnie - Leena - Felicity - Olivia - Elizabeth - Susan - Dorothy - Minerva - Elowen

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    English Triplets – Benedict, Fitzwilliam nn Will and Holmes

    Irish Triplets – Connor, Liam and Finnegan nn Finn

    Scottish Triplets – Fifer, Callum and Alastair

    Welsh Triplets – Iwan, Gareth and Bowen

    French Triplets – Enjolras, Devereaux, and Frederic

    Italian Triplets – Amedeo, Galileo and Romeo

    Spanish Triplets – Rafael, Leonardo nn Leo and Hugo

    Dutch Triplets - Joost, Willem and Hendrik

    Scandinavian Triplets - Nilsson, Soren and Hamlet

    German Triplets – Rudy, Pippin nn Pip and Beethoven

    African Triplets – Taye, Odissan and Kato

    Arabic Triplets – Samar, Amael and Zafir

    Hawaiian Triplets – Kai, Koda and Aleka

    Hindi Triplets – Rohan, Vikram and Ravi

    Russian Triplets: Dimitri, Fyodor and Aleksei nn Alek

    Other Slavic Triplets – Casimir nn Cas, Vitaly and Nicolai nn Nico

    Japanese Triplets – Hiro, Asa and Kenji

    Biblical/Hebrew Triplets – Isaac, Gabriel and Ezra (anglicized - if non-anglicized, it would be Michael [prn. mee-chai-ell with a hard H], Gavriel and Yaakov)

    Classical Triplets (Ancient Rome or Greece) – Felix, Aristotle nn Ari and Marius (or Cato, or Leonidas nn Leo)

    Vintage Triplets – Silas, Ezra and Milo

    Native American Triplets – Sequoia, Isi and Halian (where was this category on the girls' list? Alaska all the way for a girl!)

    Literary Triplets – Sherlock, Enjolras and Dodger (literally 90% of the names on this list have some kind of literary connection, though, so...)

    Mythological Triplets – Apollo, Hermes and Artemis

    Saintly Triplets – Jude, Atticus and Castor

    Shakespearean Triplets – Mercutio, Puck and Macduff

    Country & Western Triplets – Huck, Wilder and Austen

    Nature Triplets – Larch, Cedar and Oak

    Place Names – Quebec nn Beck, Vancouver and Toronto

    Surname Triplets – Collins, Adler and Cohen

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Brave, Valor and Daring

    Nickname Triplets – Leo, Jack and Sam

    One-Syllable Triplets – Kirk, Max and Thane

    “Macho” Triplets – Wild, Archer and Fox

    “Softer” Boys Triplets – Cassiel, Simon and Theo

    “Surfer” Triplets – Luke, Hayes and Kai

    Unisex Triplets – Ari, Mischa and Ellery
    Amedeo Ariel Dmitri Enjolras
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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