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    I'm late to the party as usual. So stoked to see that you have kept Morgana, a very strong a beautiful name.

    Top five:
    01. Zenobia (I'm so glad she's back on your list and obviously she's my #1, the amount of badassery that this name holds ...)
    02. Hypatia (... is only shared by the badassery of Hypatia, the most badass philosopher in the world)
    03. Olympia (I love this one with Aphrodite, those two names compliment each other so very well)
    04. Cleopatra (I love this name to bits, it's not only wonderfully historical but also just a really beautiful name)
    05. Sybilla (makes me think of Sibylla, the Queen of Jerusalem who personally led the defence against Saladin when he was besieging Jerusalem)

    I also really love Silmarien and I was very close to putting it on a shared fifth place with Sybilla.
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    legalbeagle; me too! But but... we'll see, he might change his mind still... I love Isolde too.

    Pansy; thanks for picking out and commenting! I think Isolde's beautiful enough to deal with some pron. stuff too... Oh, I love Callisto. But if we move to Italy it's a boy name over there. And Calypso is the daughter of a sort of friend. As for Delilah, I know they fell in love first and that the bible says all these things about her, but it was written by sexist men who wanted to blame all the worlds evils on women, so I don't believe it.

    Kristin; thanks!

    tct; thank you! I don't like Thisbe... the sound and the namesake are both off putting for me. I'm happy you picked out Circe and Olympia, they need more love!

    Hannie; thanks for you comments! Why can't I remember that song? Is it Tom Jones?

    Nova; Thanks! If people think that, fine with me. I like Cersei Lannister (don't judge me!). Nope I don't consider them treacherous. Women need to stop judging women who were forced into situations they could not control. Guinevere was married off to Arthur, she fell in love with Lancelot, a real true love that made them both set themselves in danger again and again. Arthur didn't exactly keep it in his pants all the time, why does no one judge him? Her story is basically the same as Isolde's, no one ever say these things about her. Delilah was basically offered freedom with the money she got. I can see the story two ways; one) she chose money and freedom over a man who must've been a complete idiot, or two) he told her the secret to save her life. Why women keep believing all these things men has said about women over time is beyond me.

    Soph; I need to see that movie now... thanks for the list!

    Blueberry; thanks! and thanks for giving me your favourites...

    Aurora; I like short names, so it doesn't bother me. As long as the name is equally beautiful, strong and substantial I'm happy! I don't think Ginevra's too common... ? Hmm. Thanks so much for your comments, sweets!

    Njord; thanks! likes and dislikes.

    Gwen; I know they won't be able to pronounce it correctly. The Welsh -ll sound is tricky for non Welsh Brits, so I don't think Italians will handle it. But the move is uncertain at the moment, so we'll see. I don't need persuasion on Pandora... Husband doesn't want it as she was man made. But I am trying to convince him back, I've still got six months to do it. Thanks though!!!

    Zelia; Thanks so much! Wonderful comments, you're so sweet and helpful! !

    Update will follow shortly...
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    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Oh, where did Morgana go! Morgana was my favourite! I still love her paired with Zephyrine as a middle.

    I do miss Hespera and Pandora. I can totally see your husband's point but i can't imagine you not using those names!
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    My top five:


    As I've said before, I've fallen head over heels in love with Bellicent, but I'd never be brave enough to use it.
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