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    My top five from your list:

    But what i want is a top 8 so that i can add:

    A few suggestions, not that i think you need them:
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    My to 5 :

    Morgana(perfect much with Aphrodite )
    Cleopatra(I know the most amazing girl in the word with that name ! I love it ! )
    Nausicaa(I know many girls with that name .They wear it very well }

    My list favorite

    Nefertiti { cool name . but i think its too complicated and i have no idea how to pronounce it )
    Bradamente ( no idea who she was }

    PS I love the pp suggestion of Scheherazade

    Good luck

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    I have a top six. Best I could do; these are all so excellent.

    Cleopatra - Holds its own against Aphrodite best. And is gorgeous.
    Guinevere/Ginevra - I love both so much. I used to desperately wish my name was Guinevere when I was little, mostly due to a Robert D. San Souci book I read over and over. But I adore the sound of Ginevra even more, and if you're going to be in Italy, you have an excellent reason to use it.
    Zenobia - Another one that's a perfect contrast with Aphrodite. And it's pretty with loads of nn options.
    Isis - Another goddess name--but such a fantastic one.
    Niniane - This one is just here because I love the sound. And how it looks. And the vibe.
    Hypatia - Probably my favorite namesake of your list. She was just way too awesome, it's such a great name to pass on to a child.

    I also really adore Olympia, Artemis, and Calliope, but I don't think they go quite as well with Aphrodite.
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    Augusta; I hear you, I tried to make mine a top ten... and was not successful. Good top nine though, Electra's been swimming in my mind since I read your girl name thread.

    Mischa; I think so too. These other names are, as said, only backups, I feel like she'll be a Morgana. Thanks for picking out the names!

    Muffin; you're so right, Nefertiti and Aphrodite sound way too similar! Good list, thanks for dividing them up!

    Hoot; thanks! And may I say, I love Tristan! Fabulous choice!

    Rkrd; I like Isolda too, but I love how elegant and snow like Isolde looks without any a's messing it up.

    Bibliophile; yes, I do love Athene, but there are some things about her I don't love. Atalanta is on my middle list, Cassandra is lovely but not my style, Ariadne's been nixed, Medea's too cruel, Hippolyta's too hippo-ish and Antigone's the name of one of my dearests friends daughter. Good suggestions though!

    Mary; Thank you! Guinevere's more popular than I thought!

    Esswei; goodie! Thanks for picking out the names!

    thebandit; you don't feel like they go with Aphrodite? Only kind of?

    Tigerlily; I pronounce Isolde ee-ZOL-duh. Thanks for going through the names like that, very helpful!!! I kind of see what you mean about Bellicent... I usually prefer Guinevere to Ginevra, but as we're moving to Italy, Ginevra might go over better.

    Rgp19; I like Eirene, might use it in the middle spot.

    Angel; yes, I thought maybe it was stupid to rule out on letter like that... Love the five you picked out! Gorgeous words to go along with them too. They're all in my top as well, along with Hypatia which I see you mentioned further down. Guinevere, I've always been on the fence with this one. I kind of feel like she was treated badly. I re-read one of my favourite books a little while ago, and it kind of has a little re-telling of her romance with Lancelot and it's so beautiful and tragic. It made me rethink the person, and I've always loved the name. From your suggestions I love Amoretta, but moving to Italy and people will see a amaretto. Demetria, Boudicca, Ishtar, Inanna and Andromeda I do love! Boudicca used to be on the list, took it off and can't remember why... Odette is pretty too, but too sweet or something. Maybe as a middle though.

    Isabelle; thanks!

    Freya; Thank you! I do like Scheherazade, unfortunately it's too much for me. But her story is amazing, and I loved it so much as a child.

    Belle; Thanks for listing them! Bradamante was a very beautiful female knight in the Charlemagne romances, she hunted down and rescued her lover and some other people. She was seriously cool, and wild and amazing.

    Gwen; You posted while I posted! Thanks for making the top 6, and for the comments. Gwendolyn's just as gorgeous as Guinevere, but that doesn't matter as a child. I wanted to be Esmeralda and Morgana and every name that was more romantic than Agnes. So that was a long list .
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    So jealous that you can use Morgana! Out of all of the men on this world I of course find a man who's last name starts with an M and ends in "gan". Out goes Morgan for a boy and Morgana for a girl.

    #1 Name

    Runner Up:
    Isolde: I love saying this name, it is a GP of mine. I wonder how you pronounce this though, I like ih-sohl-duh and ee-SOLD but I often say the first pronunciation.

    Top 4 after that
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    My sweet baby girl A.V. arrived June 2017
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