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    Here are the ones that I felt kind of went along with Aphrodite.


    Artemis, Olympia, and Sybilla are honorable mentions.
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    Top 5 with Aphrodite as a sister:
    Guinevere/Ginevra (Can't pick! I have so much love for the name Ginevra, but I feel like Guinevere *might* be better in the sibset. Both are beauteous though!)
    Isolde (my one caveat - how are you pronouncing this? I know that the pronunciation is disputed; I myself like ih-sohl-duh and ee-SOLD, but I worry about people pronouncing it is-old as I'm not such a fan of this. I do think it's a beautiful name though, when pronounced right!)

    Also like: Delilah, Electra/Elettra, Isis, Zenobia

    Indifferent about: Niniane, Sybilla, Hecate, Zorya, Circe (I know you love this one, it's just not a favorite for me)

    Now, I ADORE the name Calliope, but I'm somewhat concerned about the repetition of the ee sound at the end of her sister's name. But this is also very close to the top 5 for me!

    Veto points to:
    Bellicent (all I can think of is Millicent, simply due to the relative similarity on paper, and I have bad memories of this name)
    Bradamante (sounds masculine to me, though I know it's traditionally feminine)
    Nausicaa (reminds me of nausea and the two a's looks unnatural to me)
    Silmarien (just sounds awkward to me, though the LOTR reference is nice)
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    I like Morgana. From your list, I like Guinevere, Isolde, Zenobia, Isis, and Delilah. For mn, I like Olympia and Elettra. A name that came to mind was Eirene.
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    @bibliophile -- In Greek, Hecate is pronounce heh-KAY-tee

    Morgana and Aphrodite are perfect. ^_^

    But if I'm forced to find 4 others :P
    Ps -- I thought you didn't want another A name with Aphrodite?

    Calliope -- Adore her with Aphrodite. I already described her in the other thread.
    Cleopatra -- Sounds great with Aphrodite. Since she's so associated with Cleo, I can't help but see deserts, a woman walking the Nile, singing to herself
    Isis -- I suggested her as a first name in the other thread so you know I like it. She sounds strong when you say it. Isis makes me think of fall for now good reason. She's on a boat, sketching the Autumn trees, barefoot.
    Sybilla -- It doesn't sound as good with Aphrodite, but the feeling works. She's the girl twirling around in the field with the stream to me. picking dandelions and making wishes to me.
    Zenobia -- I think they go fairly well together. Zenobia (Zenny) would be the little girl running from the seam foam and the tide and the woman in the sundress who paints the sea sunset.

    As for the others, several of them sound good with Aphrodite, I just dislike the images and feeling that each gives me. They strike bad cords in my head with Aphrodite, or the feelings are just too different. I'd love to see several of them as middles. (Artemis, Bellicent, Circe, Hecate, Hypatia (this was a close one for first name spot), Isolde, Nausicaa, Niniane, Silmarien)

    Nefertiti and Guinevere are the ones I don't think go with Aphrodite at all. Nefertiti just doesn't have the right image in my head and they sound so similar to each other. Guinevere, even though it was on my list, doesn't seem like the sort of strong independent woman that you're asking for. She isn't really brave, interesting, funny, clever or magical (unless you're counting her there because she's part of King Arthur) and besides that, she just doesn't do good with Morgana.

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