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    Top 5 (in alphabetical order):
    Cleopatra - I love her strength and mysterious allure. She really does hold up the best next to Aphrodite
    Guinivere/Ginevra - I find the sound of Ginevra so, so beautiful, but I think I'd stick with Guinevere for the imagery. The romantic, adventurous vibe this name gives off is both unique and fabulous
    Hypatia - She doesn't seem to be getting a lot of love on this thread, but I think she's great. Strong and feminine.
    Morgana - In a vacuum, she is by far my favorite name on your list. To me, she doesn't pair up the best with Aphrodite, but the couple isn't bad either and I really don't think it matters all that much. Hauntingly stunning.
    Zenobia - Just so charming, I want to see her stay on your list. I get both heart-tugging adorable and commanding strength from this name sensations from this name - such an interesting combination! So good.

    Bellicent - Lovely, but couldn't quite make the top 5. Definite middle name material!
    Calliope - Love this name, but I'd wait to use another Greek -e name again until after you've had another baby without one. You said you wanted something different, and I think this is a bit too similar
    Isolde - A childhood favorite of mine, but I think she might be better as a middle
    Sybilla - She was probably the closest to actually making it on the top 5 list. To me, she gives off a similar energy as Zenobia, but she's just a tad more girly. Plus, like Zenobia, she's just soo much fun to say.
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    Lavender; I say ee-ZOL-duh. It's one of my longest name loves, I've always found it beautiful and her story is gorgeous too.

    Character; thanks! Nice top five. I think Artemis is too much too, I just threw it in there really...

    Nina; Boudicca, I'm trying it out!

    Amy; No, I'm mad with you now. FRIENDSHIP OVER. Haha, only joking... You're entitled to your opinion (and I always value it), just wait until I send you pictures of a little Morgana and you'll change your mind! Cleopatra did change in my mind, now don't judge me, but I did some meditation and I managed to connect to her. I get tons of water, almost a bit Pandora like, definitely an underwater thing. But I see beaches too... I'll explain when we get to the combos, as she's sure to make it. I don't care about same initial letters that much, it's a preference but not a necessity. Casimir and Cleopatra also feel incredibly different to me, and they're not the same sex. Zenobia, I got a connection to this one too, which is why she's back! I know you love her. Ditto Olympia. I'm surprised Guinevere made your top, she seems to be everyone's favourite! Guinevere (and Isolde) appeals to a different side of me. The women who have no choice in what to do, but dare to cross that line for true love anyway. I feel that's one of those incredible kinds of bravery, when you place your life in danger for a few stolen of love. Oh, anyway. Calliope... the problem I have with this one is that she would basically rule out Orpheus as she was his Mama. And I went back to Nimue instead of Niniane. Don't judge me too hard here, I'm bipolar so I'm allowed to change my mind. A lot. Thank you so much for going through all of that and being amazing!

    Southern; you're spot on! And thanks for picking out the others, happy to see you choosing some witches...

    Unique; thanks for the list! I don't think Delilah was evil. She was a spy, a woman who did what she thought was right, and Samson fell in love with her. Not her fault he told her his secret.

    Averella; thanks for the comments, well done!

    Casilda; thank you

    Tristan; I do know who Berengaria was, and she was amazing, but the name is a little too hard for me I'm afraid. thanks though!

    Dina; Eek, good top five! Love that you picked out Vashti, it's such a special name and the namesake, just wow. Love your story too! So Olympia's your husband's favourite, huh? Good good. He's got nice taste! I love that you show him my list, nice to get opinions from Mister Dindle! She does need a bad a** name, doesn't she? poor little thing... You picked out Guinevere too? It's almost universal... goodie for me! And Zenobia, I see her on the top of a cliff too!!!!!! How cool. Thanks for your opinions and words, and thank husband too please!

    Namelover; I don't know any Morgan's! They're rather rare over here... Thanks for that top five, it's wonderful and I love your little words to go along with them.

    Greyer; Thanks! I do love Artemisia,but Husband thinks it's too frilly. Artemisia has a few good namesakes, Artemisia Gentileschi being one of them. I've always been intrigued by her (I studied art history too). I also love Artemisia I of Caria, she was a naval commander in ancient Persia. I agree with you about Aradia, that's some of the imagery I get as well. Olympia is the home of the gods, yes, and also the mother of Alexander the Great! Zena Bee would be a cute nickname.

    koralreef; thanks!!

    Bonnie; thanks, great names. I love Guinevere, it feels so windy and out riding on horses to me.

    Sierra; not crazy about Helen, but I do like Helena a lot! I might use it as a middle.

    Sari; I'm sad Pandora's out too. I'm sobbing a little, but I'm allowed to use her as a middle!! Yay!

    Sorceress; Leontine, Belphoebe and Zephyrine are still middle name options, these are only the ones I'm considering as first names.

    Gummibear; nah, she didn't. And if she did, they had it coming. If a bunch of brutish men came to my peaceful island demanding food and drinks (and probably other things as well) I'd turn them into animals as well. Anyway, the island she lived on was full of plants if eaten/chewed/drunk would have a certain effect on you that would make you... pretty much behave like an animal.

    Redrobin; thank you!

    Mckayla; thanks so much!

    Victoria; very helpful. Yay for Circe love! It always makes my heart jump when people like Circe! You don't think Guinevere's my thing? Not witchy enough? Hmmm.... Thanks sweetie!!

    Update to come, if anyone read this and want to say something before I do, we're adding Proserpina to the list.
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    Sorceress; Leontine, Belphoebe and Zephyrine are still middle name options, these are only the ones I'm considering as first names.
    Well, names I like I think it would be good first name runners, so just check them.
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    Top 5:


    Do you like Minerva or Antigone?

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    It's not that I think they don't go well with Aphrodite, it's that some of your choices don't feel like they can hold their own with a name so atrong and beautiful like that.

    Though, I am totally rooting for Cleopatra and Morgana. I feel both these names have great history and an appropriate length to feel like the perfect sister to Dita. Both are strong and independent enough to be their own person alongside Aphrodite.
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