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    I don't have your (and previous posters') marvelous knack for imagery, so I'm just going to go through this the way I usually do.

    My top 5 from your list:
    1) Morgana - so stunning, and I don't think it's too much next to Aphrodite, but still holds her own. I think it's a perfect first choice!

    2) Zenobia - I also love the idea of A&Z as sister names, and it's different enough from Aphrodite but still similar enough to make sense. Plus Dita-Roo and Zena-Bee are absolutely adorable nicknames

    3) Olympia - this is a personal favorite that I would love to see someone else use. My only hesitation is that Mt. Olympus was the home of the Greek gods, yes? So it's sort of connected to Aphrodite in that way, but then again, it's a nice connection. Not too overt.

    4) Aradia - I think this is lovely. Like I said, I'm not gifted with imagery like some of you ladies, but as far as colors go, Aradia is bright, glowing gold like looking into the sun. It's just such a gorgeous, radiant, peaceful vibe I get from this.

    5) Artemis - I agree two goddess names starting with A may be too much too soon, so I would suggest Artemisia. It would work in Italy, and she has a great namesake. Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the first recorded women painters. She was one of very few nobles daughters to be formally trained in painting, unfortunately raped by her tutor, but she actually accused him, withstood trial against him, and won, which was no easy feat back then. She went on to have a pretty successful painting career and painted some strong females in her subject matter. 'Judith Slaying Holofernes' is one of her paintings... she has a bit of a sad background I suppose but I see her as a victorious figure because no matter how adverse the circumstances, she held her ground. Whoops, sorry for the novel... I'm an art history nerd, lol!

    I do have to say, I disagree about Cleopatra. I just find it way too much with Aphrodite, JMO. Same with Nefertiti and Isis, and to a degree Artemis, which is why I suggest Artemisia though. Each to her own, though, and I'm sure whatever you end up with will be fanciful and wonderful and gorgeous. Good luck!
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    I love the name Morgana. I also like Guinevere, Isis, and Delilah. I think Aphrodite and Morgana make a nice sibset.
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    I am so glad that Morgana is still the front runner - I adore her!

    These two are my other favorites:

    Zenobia - I think this name is spectacular. Exotic and elegant and dark and velvety.
    Guinevere - I've always loved this name and think Guinevere and Aphrodite are lovely together. It is not as velvety as Morgana or Zenobia.

    Now on to the others I like:
    Isolde - Exotic and romantic
    Artemis - Wonderful name but starts a trend with Aphrodite
    Elettra - Love this spelling!
    Cleopatra - Still a great option!

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    Helen-She was beautiful enough to cause the Trojan War. Also, was the name of Helen Keller, and I can't think of anyone much braver than her.
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    I had less trouble with your girls list than your boys list. :P

    My number one is Morgana. I'm sad Pandora is out, but Morgana is swoon worthy with Aphrodite.

    The other four (in no particular order):
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