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    Love Morgana! she's on my list as a middle
    To make a top 5 the other 4 I'd choose would be
    Calliope- Love, Love, Love! (I'm a sucker for Cal- and Cas- names) She sounds like a sister of Aphrodite
    Cleopatra - Perfect with Aphrodite! Just as strong, similar in length, but isn't a goddess and doesn't end with the -ee sound so the names sound like individuals, not part of a set.
    Zenobia - She was on your list last time so she seems like she should stay if that makes any sense I also like the idea of sister names starting with A&Z
    Vashti - Definantly a strong, independent woman!
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    I like these 5 the most:

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    Morgana is very pretty. Excluding Morgana (which would make the list), these are my top five:

    1.) Isolde
    2.) Guinevere
    3.) Hypatia
    4.) Sybilla
    5.) Isis

    Random suggestion. Have you heard of the name Berengaria? She was the wife to Richard I. She went with him on crusade. I thought it had a nice mix of strong, unusual, and whimsical qualities that might suit your taste. Just an idea. I like your newest list.

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    Eek! I keep missing your list updates. I can't even blame a honeymoon now!

    My favorites from your updated list in no particular order

    Zenobia- glad to see she's back. I can see a baby Zee in your future, and this name makes me picture a woman with her hands up after climbing a cliff. Don't know why I picture that, but I do.

    Morgana- so wonderful. I like Morgana best with Aphrodite. I loved the way you described the name in a previous thread. You mentioned you can't see yourself without a Morgana, and she seems like a natural sister to Aphrodite, while still being its own name with its own strength and personality.

    Vashti. Her story in the Bible is just amazing. What an incredible namesake, and poor thing gets overlooked in the overall story. My mom's best friend is named Vashti and she is one of the most amazing women I know. She was the inspiration behind me becoming a teacher, so I have nothing but good associations with the name.

    Olympia- stunning name. So powerful. It's a don't mess with me name. I really love it. It's my husband's favorite from your list. (Is it weird that I go over your name lists with him? He is impressed with your name style... If only I could convince him to be a bit more adventurous with our own names. Lol). He says that with a sister named Aphrodite, she needs a bad a** name.

    Guinevere- it was was hard to pick my 5th name, but she won. She beat out Niniane which I have always loved too. Hmm.

    Runner up.
    Calliope. Maybe because I love the idea of a Callie or because I'm obsessed with names that end in an ee sound or because its an awesome name.

    Phew. That was long. But I so love your name lists!
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    I love Morgana! Due to the fact that I know tons of little Morgans, it doesn't feel quite as special as Aphrodite, but it's a lovely name all the same.

    My top 5:
    1. Zenobia- This is my absolute favorite on your list! It is gorgeous with Aphrodite, has a beautiful sound and an incredible namesake. What's not to love? Great nn options, a fun initial... I would be delighted myself to carry this name. I see this as gold and red, burning incense... Ancient, exotic, spiritual...
    2. Hypatia- This is also a gorgeous choice. I see this as gentle pools of teal and lavender, princesses brushing their hair in its reflection. All pearls and lilies to me.
    3. Olympia- I like Olympia a lot. It'd be so sweet- Ollie and Roo? How cute! Olympia seems queenly to me, like a mountain stretching through the clouds.
    4. Guinevere- How could you go wrong with Guinevere? I see a red-haired tomboy princess picking berries in the woods.
    5. Isolde- Gorgeous! All soapstone carvings and ancient architecture to me, but doesn't match Aphrodite the way Zenobia does.
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