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    Aphrodite and...
    1. Morgana
    2. Cleopatra
    3. Guinevere
    4. Isolde
    5. Zenobia
    That was hard to narrow down! There were so many good names!

    I really like Artemis, but another A name and another Greek goddess seems a bit too themey to me.
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    Of your list, these are my favorite... If you want more ideas...
    another idea... what about Boadicea?
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    Oh man I missed this for a few hours and it's 3 pages already! Ok here we go. You know I don't favor Morgana but I hope you still forgive me for that. I will try to make an alternate Top 5 (in order?) and not ask too many questions, but you know I probably will. Maybe I can edit some of them out... Haha.

    1.) Cleopatra- Oh look a question already. You previously thought there wasn't enough to her aside from obvious Egyptian history, has that changed? This was originally Husband's suggestion if I remember correctly so it gets points there. To state the obvious pros: It's pretty, it's long, it's feminine but not too girly, it doesn't start with an A, and it definitely holds it's ground next to big sis Aphrodite. An obvious but maybe unnecessary con: If you do at some point decide to outlaw same-letter-sibling-names again then this will take Casimir out of the running (which I am ok with, but I'm not sure you are). All of that aside I LOVE THIS NAME. I think she stands for strength and beauty and courage. A lady who takes charge and knows what she needs to do to get where she's going. If Aphro is the surf than Cleo is the sand. Water and Earth combining to make a perfectly lovely 'Irish Twins playing on a beach' image in my mind.

    2.) Zenobia- Same question, is she going to be enough for you? I think I have sung her praises multiple times in past threads. (And I just realized how long that first one was so I'm gonna try to keep it short.) I love this, love her with Roo, the length, the vowels, everything. She was almost my #1.

    3.) Olympia- Again, I have championed her in your last thread, and I still fully support it. I think it's a great, slightly subtle connection to Dita.

    4.) Guinevere- Was unexpected but I have no idea why I didn't see this one coming. Lancelot has been removed as a boy option, correct? I must admit I prefer Gwen to Ginny so I'm sticking with this version, but I have full confidence that Italy can handle it. Not too much to say, but I like it.

    5.) Isolde- I thought you didn't quite like her early on? Ugh yes, I realize I am asking the same questions over and over sorry! Another mythical name to go with, but not match, Aphrodite. I am all for Isolde, but want to point out: She was at one point a mn option for Rosalind and didn't even make the cut there... I'm not sure you are in love with her enough as a first, and maybe not even as a mn. Though I do like her and think she fits in well.

    Honorable mention (aka keep as middles list):
    Artemis- Miss woodsy Diana is my absolute favorite ever, but I think an A-name goddess is too much too soon right now. Either save or make a mn.
    Calliope- Very pretty, I'm glad she's getting her second chance but you have stronger ones. I'd move her and her pretty Greek E to a middle spot.
    Delilah- I just hear that damn song! If you want her to be a strong woman statement name, put her in the middle as a "normal" one and voila.
    Isis- I do love this but I think it's just too short next to Aphrodite. A middle name she is if you ask me. Not sure why I just turned piratey for that...
    Niniane- Put in the middle. If you're gonna drop the 'same first letters' rule, then I think you should try to nix same ending letters. =(
    Silmarien- Too close to Marian. Maid Aphro-D takes care of that sound in a name combo if you ask me!
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    I love Morgana for you. It's got such a haunting quality to it. Morgana makes me think of a storm at sea, all dark waters and waves crashing against jagged rocks. Morgana has the energy of lightning. It's a powerful name, and a magical one thanks to the Arthurian legends. I think it's perfect for you.

    I also like Bellicent, Circe, Cleopatra, Hecate, Hypatia, Olympia, and Zenobia for Aphrodite's sister. None of them feel "right" like Morgana does though. I want to like Nefertiti because I had this strange obsession with the Amarna Period in third and fourth grades. It feels more like a middle name choice.

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    Out of your list, I think the keepers are:

    Delilah (wasn't she kind of evil???)

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