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    Morgana - It's pretty, pairs well with your daughter's name and is obviously your top contender. Also, it doesn't lock you into a Greek mythology theme.
    Calliope - I just think that this is really cute and underused. I also like Callisto and Calypso, which have a similar feel.
    Isolde - Love this. I know there could be pronunciation issues but it's just so beautiful that I think it would be worth it.
    Olympia - Very grand and would work just as well on a child as it would an adult.
    Sybilla - I just like this paired with Aphrodite.

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I don't think Delilah was evil. She was a spy, a woman who did what she thought was right, and Samson fell in love with her. Not her fault he told her his secret.
    That actually isn't correct. Samson fell in love with Delilah first, then she was offered money to betray him. She was never a spy, just a chick who betrayed her boyfriend for some silver. It's still a great name (we had it on our list for awhile) but if you're wanting to avoid treacherous women, you'd probably want to steer clear of Delilah.

    The only name I can think to suggest is Boudicca/Boadicea, since she was a pretty bad@ss lady.

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    Great choices! My top 5 would be:
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    I can't wait for your birth announcement- I love your name style so much.
    My top ones with Aphrodite (favs are starred):


    I really love Zenobia with Aphrodite but Olympia and Circe are two of my favorite names as well. I can't tell if Cleopatra is too much with Aphrodite. Bellicent is super gorgeous, too. I'm guessing you've already thought of and nixed Thisbe?

    For me, it's between Zenobia and Olympia. They're both substantial enough but also pretty.

    ETA: totally forgot about Morgana. I like it third behind Z and O.
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    Artemis - not overly fond, and I agree with others that already having Aphrodite kind of rules it out
    Aradia - never heard it before, but very pretty
    Bellicent - unfortunately it reminds me of Millicent which I hate
    Bradamante - I like -amante, but I don't like Brad-
    Calliope - love this, though I've only discovered recently its not pronounced cal-ee-oh-pee, but cal-ai-oh-pee. Did prefer the first one, but it's still great
    Circe - seems too short compared to Aphrodite
    Cleopatra - I don't particularly care one way or the other about Cleopatra, bit I do love Cleo
    Delilah - and now the song's stuck in my head again...
    Electra/Elettra - never been a fan
    Guinevere/Ginevra - I really love both of these and am finding it impossible to choose between the two
    Hecate - dislike the sound. Apologies for sounding disgusting, but to me it sounds like someone clearing their throat
    Hypatia - quite like, bit don't love
    Isis - I do love this, but it seems too short unfortunately which is a pity
    Isolde - I think this is my favourite. Very pretty and I love the story of Tristan and Isolde
    Nausicaa - nauseous?
    Nefertiti - not a fan
    Niniane - I can't get over 'ninny', sorry
    Olympia - really love this too
    Silmarien - not a fan
    Sybilla - really like this too. I do prefer just Sybil myself, but I do think Sybilla is better with Aph.
    Vashti - like, don't love
    Zenobia - I still hear xenophobia every time

    Top 5:
    1. Isolde
    2. Sybilla
    3. Olympia
    4. Calliope
    5. Guinevere/Ginevra
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    My favourite five, in no particular order, are;

    Circe, although I think there may be quite a few people that mistakenly believe that you’ve named her after Cersei Lannister, a character in the Song of Ice & Fire series that’s currently being televised (aka 'Game of Thrones')

    Honourable mention to Vashti.

    You mentioned that you didn’t want any names of treacherous women, which makes me curious about the inclusion of Delilah and Guinevere in your list. Given that Delilah sold out Samson, and Guinevere committed adultery, do you not consider these namesakes treacherous to some extent?
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