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    Otter: yeah, sorry if it's upsetting, but Guinevere seems 50-70% yours while Circe is 100%. If you use Gwen for nickname, that's Ottilie but I somehow don't get these vibes from Guinevere. I know that's bad but I prefer Gwenore spelling, Gwen is so mystical...I am puzzled. I see you love Guinevere but Circe beats it. You have all wonderful, absolutely gorgeous names but I feel like Circe is THE one, I don't know why. Maybe because it looks like clever, smart, witty enough, sophisticated but friendly woman to me.
    Yay for Proserpina, it's beautiful and offbeat, again shared love. Not Circe, but maybe #2 or #3.
    Sorry for off-top, I just remembered how we both think of Angie while seeing Olympia. Fun!

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    Ooo I think Aphrodite and Proserpina go supper well together too. Rosie and Dita. It's got a mythical connection without it being super obvious. So Morgana, Calliope and Proserpina. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Artemis - I feel like she's too matchy with Aphrodite...two A names and from the same pantheon, plus there are cases of animosity or at least division between them. I love Artemis, but I feel like Aphrodite has ruled her out.
    Aradia - I would make an exception to my anti-alliteration tendencies for this name. Aradia sounds like radiant starshine and dark purpley shadowed woods. Love.
    Bellicent - I've done a complete 180 on this name. In the beginning it turned me off because Google brings up all these warty hag images. But then I thought it over. It's like a smush of Bellatrix and Maleficent!
    Bradamante - One of my least favorites. There's just nothing feminine about this name...when I look at it, I see Brad, Adam, and the word man.
    Calliope - spunky, fresh, and turquoise blue
    Circe - is Circe Olwen Tinuviel back on the table? Because I think that is a fabulous name for a winter babe
    Cleopatra - I have already professed my undying love for Cleopatra many times, so you know she's in my top five
    Delilah - lovely name, so liquid and fun to say...not sure how I feel about sisters Aphrodite and Delilah...the pairing seems to take things in a very seductress-y direction
    Electra/Elettra - Not as thrilled about her as I am some of the others. Like Sybilla, my reaction is rather lukewarm.
    Guinevere/Ginevra - of the two I prefer Guinevere, and over Guinevere I prefer Morgana. Guinevere is beautiful though and perfect for an Imbolc baby...all my images are very white and ethereal. I also think she pairs beautifully with Aphrodite and makes up somewhat for the loss of Gwenllian
    Hecate - full-on witchy vibe, more so than Aradia, Bellicent, and Morgana combined. Powerful, dark, and poignant...I see her as a thoroughly Samhain name, perhaps a bit strong for a gentle winter-into-spring soul. But that's just my gut reaction.
    Hypatia - Love the historical character...wish I were more attracted to her name. I just have this thing with H names I guess...they always seem to be the ones I struggle with.
    Isis - Ooh, I'd never considered her for a first, but I actually love the idea! Aphrodite and Isis, two powerful goddesses in very different ways from very different pantheons. One of the few short names that stands up to Aphrodite's many syllables.
    Isolde - Beautiful, watery, romantic, and tragic. Brings a new dimension to the sibset. I like it...also a fan of briny variant Yseult.
    Nausicaa - After the Miyazaki film? I'm always had trouble with the similarity to "nausea," but the character is fabulous.
    Nefertiti - While I adore the idea of this name, she's so similar to Aphrodite, and she will never surpass my love for Cleopatra
    Niniane - As always, I prefer Nimue. But I do think she could pair well with Aphrodite
    Olympia - It's never been my favorite name. I just think of the Olympics, rather than magic and mythos and mystery.
    Proserpina - always makes me think of porcupines >_> sorry!!
    Silmarien - immediately reminds me of the Silmarillion, so brownie points for that. I also love anything with that silky silvery vibe. Velvet skies of midnight blue and twinkling crystal stars. Love.
    Sybilla - My reaction is rather lukewarm. No love, no hate, and no immediate associations.
    Vashti - love love love love LOVE. She's so lush and exotic, and her character has always been one of my favorites. Swoon.
    Zenobia - I know you love her, but she's never been my favorite. Fits all of your criteria though, and the nickname Zen is beautiful.
    Zorya - hm. I prefer Soraya.

    Is Belphoebe totally off the table? If so, my top six (low as I could go) would be Aradia, Bellicent, Cleopatra, Guinevere, Isis, and Vashti, with honorable mentions to Circe, Calliope, Isolde, and Silmarien. If not, Belphoebe would be my choice over Bellicent. So sad to see Pandora go, I'd really come to root for her!
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    Reverie! You posted while I typed... EEK, hauntingly stunning! That's what I want to hear! Thanks for your comments, you've been very helpful!

    Beau; I like Minerva, but I wouldn't use it. Antigone is the name of the baby of a close friend.

    TheBandit; ah, okay. that's fine!

    Victoria; not upsetting, just curious. I don't love Guinevere as much as I love Circe, but I also wonder about where to put Circe... if she's best as a first or middle...

    Angel; Thanks! Rosie and Dita, oooooh!!!!!!

    Sessha; popping in from obscurity to change my mind I see... You've got x-ray vision. I'm so tired, I agree with pretty much everything you said. My eyes and brain get clouded sometimes, I see great namesake and I find the name beautiful. So this is incredibly helpful for me. I get what you say about Delilah, it would theme them in an unfortunate way I guess. Nausicaa's a princess in The Odyssey who doesn't take Odysseus into her bed even though they were in love (Odysseus was a huge slut!). She marries his son though. Hecate is Samhain. Save? You're in luck regarding Zenobia, Husband said only one queen, and I choose Cleo. If Circe ends up as a first... it'll be Circe Olwen Tinuviel. No doubt in my heart about that one. I love Pandora and miss her. Gwenllian too. I might reconsider cause I'm a nut. Belphoebe, I'm trying not to think about this one until Baby X is born and I know the name... Thanks so much, sweetie mine.
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    Gutted Pandora is out as I love it and it would go so well with her sister's name however love love love Isolde.... Beautiful. Your naming style is much more adventurous than mine but I adore this name. Delicious!

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