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    AAUGH! Too hard! Can't do it! Though you said it was getting easier for you through this process, so that's the important thing...

    You love Lucius. I love Lucius. I think you should use it.
    Galileo is the ideal fifth member of your shortlist. Cool namesake, great-sounding name that goes just beautifully with Aphrodite.
    And you put Remus on the list?!? Did you do that just to tempt me? If we're going to choose namesakes from HP, Remus wins hands-down over Lucius, any way you look at it, though I know you like Jason Isaacs Lupin is, indeed, so...good. And Remus John Lupin has to be one of my favorite name combos from the books anyway.

    So Lucius, Galileo and Remus would be my top three, but I also love Horatio (Lord Nelson, yay! Have you read "Victory," by Susan Cooper?), and I was going to swoon over you putting Faramir back on the list after all this time until I noticed Casimir. Grrr.

    Well, best of luck! I don't know that I was that helpful. Sorry!
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    Otter, I think maybe you should be clearer about when you're choosing a name for spot #5 and when you're taking them on/off the list in general. Just so it's less confusing and (eventually) easier to combo! And I guess by "clearer" I really mean more repetitive--you've been plenty clear but it's easy to get lost in these threads.

    If I understand correctly, Remus, Severus, Galileo et al are candidates for the 5th spot alongside the already-approved Orpheus, Endymion and co, right?
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    Horatio!!!!! Totally love it! Not keen on Lancelot. Personally I think it's a bit girly although I'm not sure why. I appreciate that's not particularly helpful!

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    Tigerlily; Faramond just doesn't sit right with me... It used to be on my list but it lacks something, and I hate that because I love the name and the namesake. You're right about everything you said! Thank you!

    Southern; Aphrodite Marian Illyria

    Scarlet; I included it because I keep seeing a lot of "that's too Harry Potter" here, and I keep thinking "Whaaaaaat? Too Harry Potter?? How can that be?". I'm a geek, I don't care if people know . Severus is too much I guess... not because of the namesake, I love him, he's always been one of my absolute favourite characters, but the name literally means severe. I might stick it in the middle though, like Harry did. Thanks for your comments and opinions, so helpful!

    Hannie; I do love the tv series and movies too I just think of the books first, and Baker Street and all that! Orlando... it's just not my favourite O name. Haha, Galileo makes you think of Bohemian Rhapsody? That's funny. Lafayette is one of those cats, I keep forgetting...

    Aurora; I know!! I can't narrow it down further than seven... too hard! I love love love Remus John Lupin too. Obviously it's on the list just to tempt you, haha! I have read "Victory"! I was always fascinated by Lord Nelson and his love affair with Emma Hamilton, so Horatio has always been in the back of my head. You were helpful!

    Gwen; Thank you, I will do that. Sometimes I forget that you all don't live in my head... I think, and then I write and I assume you're all psychics who get everything I don't say! Silly me, I know. Remus, Galileo and Horatio are the last three standing!

    Legalbeagle; Lancelot girlie? Interesting. Well, it's off because I don't like Lance. Yuk, makes me think of the horrid mr Armstrong.

    Okay, following Gwen's instruction, this is where we're at:

    Boys names that are safe: Casimir - Endymion - Oberon - Orpheus

    Boys names "fighting" for the last spot: Galileo - Remus

    I cut Horatio and moved him to the middle. Remus and Orpheus obviously both have -us endings, but they're so different I'm okay with it. I'm wondering if I should just stick with these six for now and see what we can do with combos... hmm. Will have to have a think.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Ooh, down to Galileo and Remus? As much as I love Remus Lupin, I'm standing by Galileo. Sessha said it better than I could:

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    He is familiar and accessible while still being totally quirky and surprising. The magic and mystery of the stars makes the name so compelling, and the science-y vibe is the perfect counterpart to ethereal mythological Aphrodite.
    I think you're one of a select group of people who could have a son named Galileo and not come off as pretentious. The combination of mythology and science in Aphrodite and Galileo is very intriguing. Casimir and Endymion are still my favorites though.
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