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    AAUGH! Too hard! Can't do it! Though you said it was getting easier for you through this process, so that's the important thing...

    You love Lucius. I love Lucius. I think you should use it.
    Galileo is the ideal fifth member of your shortlist. Cool namesake, great-sounding name that goes just beautifully with Aphrodite.
    And you put Remus on the list?!? Did you do that just to tempt me? If we're going to choose namesakes from HP, Remus wins hands-down over Lucius, any way you look at it, though I know you like Jason Isaacs Lupin is, indeed, so...good. And Remus John Lupin has to be one of my favorite name combos from the books anyway.

    So Lucius, Galileo and Remus would be my top three, but I also love Horatio (Lord Nelson, yay! Have you read "Victory," by Susan Cooper?), and I was going to swoon over you putting Faramir back on the list after all this time until I noticed Casimir. Grrr.

    Well, best of luck! I don't know that I was that helpful. Sorry!
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Our little Bump is due Jan-Feb 2018! Contemplating:
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