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    If I couldn't have Casimir I'd pick Lancelot. I also think Horatio is a smashing suggestion.

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    Amy; no no no, you’re always very helpful! I think you picked a good top three. And you’re probably right about Merlin. And basically all the other ones you eliminated. Pryderi is Rhiannon’s son in Welsh mythology. I love what you say about Galileo! And Lancelot, I’d hate it if someone called him LanceRemus is very lovely, I was torn on Remus and Romulus for a long time... but we made up our minds. (And yes, we always have to edit!)

    Southern; YES!!! Isn’t that one amazing? Remus Lupin is one of my absolute favourite characters, and that bio is so moving.

    Mischa; Thanks! I don’t mind another –us ending, I’m fairly certain I won’t have five sons anyway…

    Angel; Me too ! Good reasoning as always. Merlin and Morgana had an interesting and complicated relationship, how it was depends on the source. Your suggestions are all making me swoon! Husband approved: Sherlock, LaFayette, Odysseus (was on our list earlier), Cymbeline and Horatio. I also love love love Calidore, Marinell, Timias and Triamond, and we’re hoping to use one of them as a middle. Beowulf is so cool, but I think I might need some convincing! I love the story of Jacquot, but Husband thinks it's "too French".

    Rkrd; I do like Ariston!

    Mary; thanks! They’re two of my favourites too.

    Spacecow; It’s on

    Tigerlily; Thanks for the comments! Voldemort would be a daring choice… haha. I think it’s between Remus and Galileo

    Belle; top three’s fine! Thanks for picking them out (and never apologise for smilies!).

    Ren; Casimir is still the front runner… I think. Lancelot is smashing! I also love Angel’s Horatio suggestion!

    When I posted I was sure I'd forgotten another nerdy name... and I did. Faramir!!

    And we're adding some of Angel's suggestions, so new list:
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Galileo, hands down. Runner-up would be Lucius, but I'm still holding out hope for Endymion Lucius Rainier.

    I think Galileo rounds out your list perfectly. He is familiar and accessible while still being totally quirky and surprising. The magic and mystery of the stars makes the name so compelling, and the science-y vibe is the perfect counterpart to ethereal mythological Aphrodite. Putting these two in a sibset elevates both names and prevents either from appearing "gimmicky." I love it. Plus I'm a sucker for the O ending...
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    I like Lucius, but I just love Severus so much. It's actually my favorite boys name, ever.
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    I'm with Sessha-- Galileo feels perfect to me. It just screams intelligence in a totally unpretentious, kind of fun way.

    And Cymbeline, Cymbeline, Cymbeline. I love it sooo much. But it looks kinda feminine, so I'd use it in the middle spot. And also, play-Cymbeline tried to force his daughter to marry a horrible person...(I haven't extensively researched historical Cymbeline. Or Cunobelinus. But Wikipedia says he didn't do any of that.)

    And also Horatio, because I can't not vote for the Shakespeare ones.
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