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    Let's go A-Hunting... for the Fifth Boy

    My "set" shortlist consists of Casimir, Oberon, Orpheus and Endymion. They're interesting, beautiful and alluring, and they all feel very different from each other and from my daughter's name too.

    Names completing for the fifth spot are (updated list here):
    Merlin (conflicting with Morgana?)

    What do you think of these? Which one would you choose? Which one do you think we should choose?

    Other suggestions are of course welcome. I didn't think of Herakles until I saw redwoodfey's Hercules thread just now, so I'm sure there might be other gems hiding out there. Names not related to Greek mythology are especially welcome. Husband's rule is "no sobbing little mama's boys, excruciating cruelty or obvious insanity (tied to their names)".

    * yes, I do love Harry Potter and I'm not ashamed.
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    Galileo, Lancelot, or Remus. Nope, I did not choose just one. So I am only sort of helpful. I can possibly help you eliminate though? I don't think you should choose Merlin because you love Morgana so much. And I'm pretty sure you don't need another O option to choose between so I don't think Orlando makes the cut. I don't actually know how to say Pryderi or where that one's from, but it seems a bit difficult to spell so I don't see it winning. And I still prefer Lucius in that middle spot...

    Galileo- Is a good one. Very cool; Scientific but he also still feels magical because of all the astronomy he brings with him. I definitely think that since Gwenllian and Gawain are now out, you could use a good G name.

    Lancelot- I see this one of two ways. Upside, it's totally romantic and you guys can pull this name off. Downside, most people would probably just end up calling him "Lance" which is a bit plain and/or weapon-y, so unless that greatly appeals to you, you might want to pass on this.

    Remus- Why did I think that one was out of the running? Maybe I just assumed you liked Romulus better? I love Remus for so many reasons! This would probably be my personal favorite pick, but it's still a little similar to the other names you have. For that reason I think I will give this round to Galileo. =]
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    Have you read the biography that J.K. Rowling released for Remus Lupin?

    I would actually really love to see Galileo on your list.
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    With Casimir, Oberon, Orpheus and Endymion, I would choose...

    Galileo - I think your list needs a boys name ending in "o"
    Lucius - if you don't mind this name sharing an "us" ending with Orpheus
    Remus - see Lucius (hey, if you like Harry Potter and the names are good, by all means, use them)

    Honorable Mentions

    All the best,

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    I always love the chance to talk names with you.
    Well, from your list, my favorite is Galileo. It's on my guilty pleasure list. It could be Leo! I think it sits fairly well with the others and I think it works with Aphrodite.

    So my top 3 are:

    Lucius -- it's just so lush and handsome and sort of dark velvety and I love it.
    Remus -- I just like it better than Romulus. I don't think of HP first, I think of Roman mythology.

    I love Socrates and Lancelot, but don't like them with Aphrodite, but would love to see them as middles maybe. With Merlin, though I love it, I love Morgana so much, and you do too, and I think Morgana is absolutely perfect with Aphrodite. If I remember my mythology right, Merlin and Morgana didn't necessarily get along well.

    I think you might like:

    Voltaire (just got hubby to agree to this one!)
    Napoleon -- of course he's a war general, but still... "This man exercises an astonishing seduction on all those who approach him."
    Jacquot -- ja-coo From what I can gather -- He saved King Louis the 14th when he was a kid and I think it's cool "In the mid-1640s, French coal salesman Jacquot came home late to his family's one-room shack with a half-drowned kid in his arms. Over the long night, they nursed him back to consciousness while Jacquot explained that he had found the boy sinking in a pool behind the royal palace with no one else in sight. The kid woke up, and started mocking the poverty of the house, the clothes they had changed him into, and the food they made for him. After a little while, voices rose outside, and half the royal guard burst into the room. It turned out that Jacquot had rescued the boy king Louis XIV from an early death."

    Beowulf -- but probably too much >.<

    These are all Shakespearean:

    Cymbeline <3

    Marinell -- this one has a water connection with Aphrodite (since she was born of the sea foam and you see her as watery)
    Satyrane -- probably too much for you, but I sort of love it
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