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    Thanks again, you all rock! This is so much easier than I thought! What would I do without my berries?

    Sessha; Thanks! I do love -o endings too! Galileo is fantastic, and I love your little paragraph on him. I haven't ditched Endymion, I'm just rather drawn to not using a name from Greek mythology... Thanks for taking the time to chime in my dear!

    Njord; I love Severus too, so handsome!

    Gwen; oh, yes, Cymbeline. I think it's masculine enough, I'm not into overly macho names anyways! And Horatio is good, but for me not Shakespearean, but for Lord Nelson.

    Sansa; thanks! Galileo seems to be a favourite.

    Kalaway; yay, I like Remus too!

    Hoot; Hadrian was on my list for Dita if she'd been a boy, but it lost some romance for me along the way. I am keeping it as a middle option though, it's a lovely name. We say HAY-dree-uhn.

    Averella; thanks! Remus and Galileo are the berry winners, it seems. Sherlock might be too far off... but it's so cool!!! Maybe a middle? Orlando, I think miss Amy was right on this one. Too many o-names!

    Dina; haha, follow him home... I think I'd do that too, it's a smashing name! Lucius as Morgana's counterpart, I can see that. They're both dark and edgy. Please please thank you husband (eek!) and tell him he rocks from me! I appreciate his input!! (I get your editing... I do that all the time.)

    Sari; another one with Galileo and Remus! I might have to make it a top six...

    Sorceress; thanks for picking out your favourites!

    Mckaylalove; I know Lucius isn't exactly good... but he's not pure evil. And he's dashing. But I loved the name prior to HP...

    Victoria; thanks, yes, Orlando is great. I love what you say about Remus, I like the place connection too. And Remus of Romulus and Remus of course. I just adore names that are connected to things children will love when they're children (Dita has Marian from Robin Hood), and I figured a HP connection isn't a bad one. And Remus is so... good.

    Esswei; thanks for the list! In England Sherlock Holmes isn't tied to any of these modern series/movies, I think most of us think of the books we've grown up reading (c&p, Ren, Freya, all the other Brits, I'm right, right?).

    I took Faramir off, because, duh, Casimir and Faramir can NOT be brothers. Might as well do Faramir and Boromir and just get it out of my system. So... right now it's between Galileo and Remus, I think, but I also love Horatio and Sherlock....?
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    Based on your, new, revised list, I still like Galileo and Remus the best. Both seem perfect for you and both are beautiful names. Faramir is wonderful; he would replace Herakles in my top 3. Opinions on the rest:
    Cymbeline - agree with pp that this seems feminine, although I usually love Shakespearean names.
    Herakles - I still like this one, but I like the 3 listed at top better. Maybe as a middle?
    Horatio - Not my favorite on your list.
    LaFayette - Now I'm not totally sure of the pronunciation of this, but if it's pronounced the way I'm thinking, it just reminds me of a college here in the US. I know you're in the UK (and soon to be Italy!), so this probably won't matter to you, but that's why I don't love this name.
    Lancelot - Still don't like the Lance thing.
    Sherlock - This is a really cool name. However, I don't love how it goes with Aphrodite. Aphrodite and Faramir? Sure. Aphrodite and Galileo? Great. Aphrodite and Sherlock? I'm not too sure about this sibset. Even though I'm in the US, I agree with you that I think of the Sherlock Holmes books (I grew up with them; my aunt gifted me a set when I was in the 3rd grade) rather than the movies. However, I still don't think it goes right with Aphrodite.

    So that's my opinion! I would go with either Galileo, Remus or Faramir. Aaaah! Now I see that you posted at the same time I did! This makes most of this unnecessary then, because we have the same top 2. I was also forgetting about Casimir; I agree that the 2 names can't both be used. What about Faramond? Wasn't that on one of your previous lists?
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    I was reading back over this thread, and I have to ask... what's Aphrodite's full name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    My "set" shortlist consists of Casimir, Oberon, Orpheus and Endymion. They're interesting, beautiful and alluring, and they all feel very different from each other and from my daughter's name too.

    Names completing for the fifth spot are (updated list page 2):
    Merlin (conflicting with Morgana?)

    What do you think of these? Which one would you choose? Which one do you think we should choose?

    Other suggestions are of course welcome. I didn't think of Herakles until I saw redwoodfey's Hercules thread just now, so I'm sure there might be other gems hiding out there. Names not related to Greek mythology are especially welcome. Husband's rule is "no sobbing little mama's boys, excruciating cruelty or obvious insanity (tied to their names)".

    * yes, I do love Harry Potter and I'm not ashamed.

    For one I love how you included how you love Harry Potter, that made me chuckle in a good way. Hmmm I love all your choices as usual! So I will comment on all of them and star which ones I like best and I feel go well with little Aphrodite.

    *Aphrodite and Galileo-I love this with Aphrodite, for one I am Italian so I am bias but I think it flows well with her name and I love the NN option Leo. Dita and Leo so cute!
    *Aphrodite and Herakles- I have never heard of this name but I really like the pronunciation. It sounds powerful like Aphrodite and I get this lovely image in my head of the era of like 480 b.c. Just a lovely god like imagine. It has to explain but I like it!
    Aphrodite and Lancelot- I have never been fond of this name so I say no to this plus the meaning of it bothers me.
    *Aprhodite and Lucius- Swoon! Lucius is so handsome, strong yet soft. And romantic. He will sure to a ladies man in a good way.
    Aphrodite and Merlin- I don't like this. I feel it falls flat next to Aphrodite and the name does not put an image in my head I think of the fish from Finding Nemo.
    *Aprodite and Orlando- Um hello gorgeous. I have always been a sucker for Orlando it is so suave and rolls right off the tongue. I can picture it on a baby, little man playing with his sister Aphrodite at the park and an adult. Love it.
    Aphrodite and Pryderi- If I am saying it right I don't like how it has the same ending sound as Aphrodite. So this one is off for me.
    *Aphrodite and Remus-I like this, it sounds powerful and once again can hold its own again Aphrodite. I almost want to keep saying it with a fun accent. Because it reminds me of a character that would kick @ss in a video game. Not saying thats a bad thing.
    Aphrodite and Severus- Okay I get people may say stay away from this since Snape is a total jerk in HP but I like it. Plus the fact you love HP has a nice meaning for you. And you can't go wrong with a name from HP. This is how I view it. Severus in HP is mysterious, intelligent, and has this aura around him. Its almost like you are constantly trying to figure him out. Yet he still makes you laugh in the movies. I can see your little man being smart, mysterious, handsome and funny and unpredictable.
    Aphrodite and Socrates- I am not sure how I feel about this, I know is it another Greek mythology name and are you and your husband okay with that? I don't see it as a bad thing I think it will tie them nicely together. So I say keep it, I just have a hard time with it since it is so strong. I am not sure if I can picture it on a child.

    Good luck! <3
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    Cymbeline - I assumed Cymbeline was a girl for a long time, so I find it hard to think of it as a boy's name
    Faramir - I love this. It's very handsome
    Galileo - I quite like this, though the first thing that comes into my head is Bohemian Rhapsody!
    Herakles - I'm not sure on this. I think I might like it better spelt Heracles, but I do have a thing against Ks
    Horatio - the much-hated real name of my great-uncle Roy. His grandfather (my gg g/father) and uncle were actually Horatio Nelson Surname. I used to hate it, but it's growing on me a bit more now
    LaFayette - the dog in The Aristocats!
    Lancelot - I really think this too. Very dashing!
    Remus - I quite like this, but don't love it
    Sherlock - okay, I really love this, but I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan. And as to your question, as a Brit I think of the books first though I am a fan of the films and the TV series. The books were best and Sherlock's a pretty cool namesake (ignoring the cocaine-taking of course )

    No Orlando or Merlin anymore then? That's a shame, I really liked those, they probably would have been my favourites. Out of these my favourite is probably Faramir, with Sherlock and Lancelot completing the top three.
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