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    I love Ariston (an ancient king of Sparta, an amusing poet, it seems to have been a common name way back).

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    I'm really liking all the names on your list, but my top two would be Remus and Lucius. They both beautiful names and feel quite different from the other names on your list (and indulge in the Harry Potter love!)


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    southern.maple, where is this biography of Remus Lupin?!

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    Galileo - YES! This one is great and I love the nn possibility of Leo
    Herakles - This one is nice as well!
    Lancelot - Agree with previous poster that the nn possibility of Lance would be a deterrent for me.
    Lucius - It's nice but not my FAVE Harry Potter name. What about Voldemort? just kidding
    Merlin - You said in the other thread that you CAN'T see yourself without a daughter named Morgana. For me, naming a son Merlin takes this out of the realm of possibility for me. I'd get rid of this one.
    Orlando - I'll admit, I think of Orlando, FL as well as Orlando Bloom first. However, I still think this is a great name!
    Pryderi - No offense to you, but this one confuses me. And "pry" at the beginning is a negative connotation.
    Remus - THIS is the Harry Potter name to go with. Wonderful connections, wonderful name!
    Severus - Little Sev <3 I'll admit I still don't like this one as much as Remus.
    Socrates - Not my favorite of your choices.

    So, I would choose either Galileo, Herakles, Orlando or Remus to round out your top 5. Probably in this ranking:
    1. Galileo
    2. Remus
    3. Orlando
    4. Herakles

    Good luck!!


    Interest in family history, classic literature and mythology led to a love for names!


    Gentlemen: Jude, Oliver, Felix, Jasper

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    I would pick my top three ( What can i do ? i love too many )

    1. Lancelot my absolutly favorite !!its just sound so romantic & strong next to Aphrodite
    2. Remus i LOVE the Harry Potter association !
    3.Lucius its just give me the perfect imagine of what a man should be like .So dashing & handsome .

    Good luck

    PS sorry for the many faces . i love them (What can i say ? iam a child lol )
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