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    At a school in New York where I recently led a workshop with 3rd graders, there was one girl who complained about being picked on for her name.

    It was Raquel. By the standards of Nameberry her classmates' names were far stranger. A child's perception of a ludicrous name is likely to be very different from an adult's.

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    Adults might think negatively of a name but most won't talk about it to the child or parent's face. I think the #1 thing that gets a child teased is their personality. When I was growing up, I remember one person in particular who, looking back on it, was trying to tease my name (Amity), but it simply didn't bother me because I liked my name. If bullies aren't getting the response they want from the child they're trying to tease, they'll give up. Bullies will attempt to tease a child they don't like about anything that will stick, but I doubt names are often a primary target for teasing. And like others have mentioned, children can find a way to tease any name if they really want to.

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    I think other than Gaylord, Orel, and anything else blatantly obviously terrible, the kid does make the name.

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    I only knew one boy ever who got teased for his name- Cecil. He was a small kind of dorky boy so I think that contributed to the teasing. But that was a long time ago. Most of the kids i know today have slightly offbeat names. I agree with other posters that your child will get picked based on other things, the name might just be another contribution

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    I was teased about my name, it's a boy's name (I'm female), the name of a cartoon character and talkshow host later on, so I got lots of shtick for it. But as I had glasses and was bookish and shy, I'd probably have been teased anyway.

    It has made me wary of using unisex names as I've also had hassle/confusion about the male name thing my whole life.
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