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    Your child will be bullied if you name them ---- ?

    Your child will be bullied if you name them _______ ! How do you finish that sentence? I know this is a place for asking opinions on names, but i've been seeing SO much of this ( on this site and others ) that i just had to ask.

    - Someone asks for an opinion on a name and are bombarded with answers saying their child will be picked on / bullied. Do you really think children are bullied because of their name, or do you think a name is used against a child who was already a target? I'm just curious to see if people actually think this, or if its just an easy answer for when they have no real argument for why they don't like a name.

    - My personal opinion is that the child makes the name, the name doesn't make the child. Any name at all can be used against a child who is the target of bullying.

    - What are your thoughts on this ?

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    In my experience, kids don't get bullied for their names. I've been a student and have taught/tutored for a number of years, and I've seen many children picked on mercilessly -- but never for their names. And this includes kids named Special Treasure, Chastity, Justice, Mowgli, Lolita, and Pierre. My own name is eminently teasable (sounds like a certain princess from a famous science fiction movie) but aside from a few remarks upon being introduced, nobody has ever given it a second thought.
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    I definitely don't. I grew up in the midst of the Jennifer/Jessica/Ashley/Sarah era, and I don't remember the ones who had unusual names ever getting picked on for their names. Not once in my memory.

    If names come into teasing, I definitely think it's a secondary thing. They're were teased for something else first, and then the bullies figured out they could use their names afterward. And I don't think it matters what name it is… there will always be something.

    I think it definitely gets overblown how much kids get teased about their names. I was bullied pretty badly, and I have a last name that you'd think would be pretty easy to make into a joke about, say, my weight, but it never happened.

    Also, your child won't be a child forever. They'll be an adult for a lot longer than they'll be in elementary or middle school. Parents should be more concerned about how a name looks on a job application, imo.
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    I was teased for my name. Looking bad, I'm 99.9% the kid had a crush on me but still, I felt sad when he did it. He called me Smellany (my name was the #6 name in 1986, look it up if you want). I was never smelly.

    I remembered Amanda's being called "a man, duh", but never in a mean way.
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    Kids get picked on for being different and for being perceived as weak. A name can be a trigger, as can any number of things (allergies, clothing, skin color, intelligence, lack of athletic skills, being female...the list is endless). A strong name that creates a positive first impression may not help, but it certainly can't hurt.

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