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    Yeah, I've never seen kids get picked on for their names, at least not when they're little. Kids might use a peer's name as a way to pick on them, but really it's about your child himself. If he's worth picking on, he'll get picked on. I've spent the last two months straight with kids, ages 4-6, and the most common insult is 'you wear diapers!'
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    I've already said this once today, but I'll say it again: In my fourteen years of schooling (preschool to 12th grade), I can't remember a single instance where I witnessed someone being bullied because of their name.

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    I think it's an easy answer for not liking a name. I grew up mostly in the US in the 80's and 90's, when most of the kids had a lot of the same names, so the rarer names really stuck out. I can't remember a single time someone was bullied because of their name. I really can't. I do recall some silly rhymes like the one casilda shared, but it had nothing to do with how rare or weird your name was. As she said, her name was quite popular (#6).

    I think more than how "weird" or uncommon the name is, it's more important to think like a child, and come up with all the words that rhyme with the name and decide if any of them are just too problematic. Smellany is sad, but I certainly wouldn't tell people, "Don't name your kid Melany! They will call her Smellany!" She probably won't be called Smellany. Unless some little brat has a crush on her and doesn't know how to deal with it, or she smells or farts in the middle of class.
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    I think it can happen with any name. I had a friend in elementary school named Kelly, and she was called Smelly Kelly, Jelly/Jelly Belly Kelly (she was overweight), Kelly Belly, et c.

    I only worry about names that obviously rhyme with or sound like 'naughty' words. Like with Tucker or Huck, if you do the "Tucker Tucker bo bucker banana fanna fo..." You get the idea. I also try to avoid anything with a prominent a$s sound in the name, like Astrid or Aspen. Also names with an unbecoming nickname, like Richard "Dick".

    I do think kids are more likely to be bullied about their physical appearance and personality than their name but I also wouldn't want to give them a name that would add fuel to that potential fire, KWIM?
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    I have a last name that is easily teasable, and I was teased for it. Not until high school, but then that was pretty much all I was known by. The thing was, though, the people teasing me weren't really trying to be malicious, they just thought it was funny. I certainly wasn't bullied, and it didn't permanently alter my psyche, but it was a little upsetting to have something important to me, like my name, become a joke. So that's why i warn against names like Tucker or initials like ASS, but I wouldn't worry about names that seem "out there" or whatever.

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