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    I honestly think that depends on a lot of things, in particular, pop culture. If a singer (other than Imogen Heap, she isn't that popular even though she's wonderful) or a book/movie character or a popular celebrity's child have the name Imogen, I can see it shooting up. However, I don't see it ever being a Top 10 - even a Top 50 - name, unless that movie character is REALLY popular. It's like the article that was on Berry Juice recently about Beatrice and the other Divergent Series' names; though I think Beatrice is a little more familiar and more likely to jump up than Imogen, it's the same concept. I love Imogen, and Beatrice, and my friends used to think that was weird ("WHY would you use such an old lady name?!") until Divergent came out (which I have not read) and now they all love Beatrice.

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    Imogen is popular where I'm living now, in Australia, but my friends back home in the States find it clunky and harsh and "hard to say" so I think it's safe. In the US, it doesn't have what Sophia and Charlotte have, which is a wealth of great-grandmas by that name so they have a "long ago, but familiar" quality. I'd more cautious of low-ranking-but-known names like Susannah or Rosemary coming back than Imogen, if that makes sense.

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    Imogen was #44 in Australia last year. It's not really getting more popular here from what I can tell, but I suspect you wouldn't get bad feedback on it from Australia. It's quite a safe name here. So... hard to answer your question.
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    Imogen in my area (south east England, UK) is very popular, and has been for ages it seems. I know many Imogen's and I absolutely understand why parents in the UK flock to this name, she's gorgeous very sweet and has lovely connotations but if you live outside of the UK I wouldn't worry about popularity of this name. In the UK are naming style (it seems) is very different from other countries for example nickname names like Archie are so common it's slightly boring whereas in America nickname-names are very new and considered slightly out-there.

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    I don't know anyone called Imogen. Personally, I love the name. It's underused and vintage, but it has a slightly futuristic feel to it as well. Also, the nicknames Immy and Jen are really sweet
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