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    Is Imogen going to shoot up?

    I'm in love with this name (and yes, I already know a lot of 'Berries don't like it, so I'm not looking for other suggestions or reasons why you hate it), and it's one that I've liked since childhood but only within the last few months have I actually considered using it. And now I seem to be seeing it everywhere and I can't tell whether I've become more aware of it or whether it's becoming more popular. I know it was the most commonly searched name on here for the first part of the year, so do you think it'll shoot up? It's currently in the #1800s in terms of popularity and I'd really prefer it if it stayed off the top 1000 altogether. But with names like Charlotte and Sophia being in the top 10, I worry that all my favorite vintage names are going to shoot up.

    What do you think? Is Imogen safe?
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    I think it's safe. It's too clunky and not liquid enough to appeal to a wide range of parents.

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    No one can predict the future. But I'm with southern.maple in thinking it's unlikely to really rise that much.

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    It depends on where you live, but I don't think it will be a top 10 name.

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    I highly doubt it. And if it did, I believe it would be many years from now. But it hasn't been too popular here, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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