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    I will only mildly suggest not using it then. Also a lot of people do have weird names in this day and age and whilst it's their right to do it it's also the right of the majority of the population not to like it(if they do) in extreme cases(or maybe not so infrequently) bullies will exploit this, which i don't want to happen to my daughters! yet even if she decides to name her 'Star' so be it.....

    Anyway i know people like to have a good old lively discussion but could anyone answer my more positive question? (as not many have)
    Corrina, Althea, Ilona, Cosima, Felicia, Cicely, Alina, Orla/Orlaith, Alicia or..?
    There's probably a reason she chose that particular name but Alina isn't bad, but sounds like it's cut short from some other name. How do you pronounce Ilona. I like ee-own-a, not so much ill-own-a.

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    Well, obviously I'm biased because Artemis is (imo) gorgeous and a serious contender for a future daughter. Even people who don't give names a second thought like Artemis. I know because I've asked. Plus, with Artemis Fowl being made into a movie, I have a feeling most kids will think Artemis is pretty damn cool, even if Artemis is a boy in the story. You're letting your dislike of the name color reality.
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    Artemis is a brilliant, beautiful name choice. As long as she's not nn'd Artie, I don't see the problem.

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    I pretty much agree with what a lot of the others have said. It's not your baby, and if your friend loves the name then why shouldn't she use it? I personally probably wouldn't, but it's still a beautiful name for a little girl and she should wear it proudly.
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    Artemis is lovely! It's a beautifully, brilliant name. I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't really think your opinion matters too much. It's not your baby, and it's not your name. There's nothing wrong with the name (it's not offensive or culturally insensitive or anything) other than you personally not liking it. You not liking a name doesn't mean that there is something wrong with it. Not to sound harsh, but what makes you think that your opinion is so much more "right" or "better" than your friend's? I love seeing people think "outside of the box" and go through with using an unusual name (if you look at my sig, my taste is obviously more on the unusual side). My parent's were one of the MANY parents who chose to name their daughter Chelsea (I've met tons!), and I really wish that they would've been more creative. Personally, I think it would be really cool to meet an Artemis!
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