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    I wouldn't even mention it if i simply didn't like it and just because it's a great name sake doesn't mean that it's a great name for a child.
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    This name might put a very heavy image onto the child (with the Artemis Fowl books making this a male name and of course the goddess). Also this has a strong lesbian connotation which puts yet another identity burden on the child. Try to suggest things like:

    Artemisia - The Italian form of Artemis, ethnic and definitively female.
    Selena (or Selene) - This also means moon and is just as ancient as Artemis.
    Atalanta - Another ancient origin like Artemis.
    Helen (or Helena) - An old Greek name, of course also the daughter of Lita and Zeus.
    Delia - Could be seen as derived from Delos, the isle where Artemis was born.

    Hope this helps your friend out!

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    When you have a child of your own you can call him/her what you want. I thought you lived in England? Lots of people have weird names here.
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    I wouldn't say anything at all. It's her child and she probably had already thought of it not being mainstream. Perhaps, she's a bit bolder than you in this regard. Besides, her daughter might love the name once she understands where it came from.

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    I like Artemis so I wouldn't try to talk her out of it. The Artemis I know goes by Artie and likes her name a lot so I don't think you can assume that her daughter would hate the name.

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