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    Is this name still usable?

    I'm absolutely in love with the name Cecil but do you think it's still usable?

    Everything appreciated!

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    I'm inclined to say all names are usable. But as a Cecilia, I'm also inclined to say no. Cecilia is so associated with girls right now, it has jumped in popularity the last few years (I blame grandmothers and The Office), and it'll just be seen as feminine. Similar to naming your boy Avery or Ashley or Kelly. Technically a boy's name, but none of his classmates will know that or care.
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    I was thinking about this name today. It might have some trouble making it's way back to modern use and the meaning "blind" doesn't help either but I personally like it. It reminds me of the sea - hence the first syllable. A very daring and distinctive choice for a modern baby and on the right person, very handsome.
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    In my opinion, it's likely to be associated with feminine names such as Cecilia or Celia, so I wouldn't use it.
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    i think so, Basil and Hazel are gaining popularity and so are 'old people' names and Cecil fits right in there

    it is a bold choice, but definitely usable

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