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    Magenta? (as a middle name)

    Whilst perusing through the 'M' names I came across the name Magenta and it stopped me in my tracks (for several different reasons):

    Firstly, Magenta was the first thing (outside of my family) that I ever fell in love with. I have a distinct memory of being absolutely in love with the Crayola color Magenta, for most of my childhood, starting in coloring class in pre-school at 3.
    I went to a private school and we had different colored checkered uniforms, so I'd try to wear the color closest to Magenta everyday... (for obvious reasons like people thinking I only had one uniform, my mom made me wear different ones).

    Secondly, All the women in my family (for at least 3 generations) have a name starting with M (whether it be first name or middle name). I always planned to use the middle name Megan (for my future daughter) as I can re-arrange (some) letters in my full name to spell it, but now this got me thinking...

    If I have a daughter... will it be absolutely ridiculous to give her the MIDDLE name Magenta? It's something that means a lot to me and has a special place in my heart. I also understand how absolutely ridiculous it is to name your child after a crayon color. But it's something that was a huge part of my childhood (especially as I tried to wear the color almost everyday). Shouldn't that Ideally be what naming is about, giving something you love more than anything else in the world, a name that means that much to you?
    Then the rational part of me understands that should my daughter try to enter a certain type of work force, this name could potentially reflect very badly on her.

    I just want your honest opinions on Magenta as a middle name, I'm not having a daughter anytime soon, but this name stopped me dead in my tracks.

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    i...actually...LOVE IT!

    its a middle, and this isnt anywhere near the real atrocities that other parents subject their kids too.

    however, idk if the show is still on, Blues Clues had a friend friend named Magenta, who was magenta obviously, and had a catchy song;

    "Magenta's coming over, Magenta's coming over"

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    I like it. I love putting a quirky name in the middle. I also thought of the Blue's Clues character, but that doesn't bother me.

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    Yes I do remember her from Blue's Clues, but as I had a much stronger association to the word before the show, her having that name never really left that much of an impression of me (I was a Cartoon Network kid, not a Nickelodeon one).

    I just wanted a sound board for the name. Whilst it technically is in Apple, Blue, North waters... I think it is feminine enough (with the -a ending) and reminiscent enough of Margaret or a Margaret derivative name -ie Megan, Margeaux, Megara- to actually be okay.

    I also remember an episode of America's next top model (a long time ago) where the challenge was to do a live interview and read fashion-inspired words from a teleprompter (without seeing the words before-hand) and one of the girls got Magenta and had no idea what it was and pronounced it Magnet-a... so I'm also hoping for some level of ignorance surrounding the name.

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    Totally fine for a middle. I'd avoid it up front to be fair, but you have a good story too to go with it for a middle, which is really nice.

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