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    Our boy has a name! But his sister still needs one too...

    After much deliberation, my husband and I have come to a decision on the name of our son. We've chosen Theodore Scott. It is a name we both found a mutual love for, and we think that little Theo will fit nicely with his older siblings. We're still searching for a name for his twin sister though! Our list has only gotten longer, and I'm getting anxious that we still haven't at least narrowed down the list! Could you all let me know which names you like and don't like, and your reasoning? And if you have any name suggestions, feel free to share! Thanks!

    -Elowen nn. Elle, Ellie
    -Cecilia / Celia / Cecily
    -Alice (might just use as a middle)
    -Felicity nn. Lissy
    -Imogen nn. Immy
    -Amelia nn. Mia
    -Alexandra nn. Lexie
    -Emory nn. Emmy

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    I would love to see Theodore and Ingrid as twins!
    Theo and Inga? Perfection!
    I also love Bridget and think that it fits in great with your other children's names!
    Either of those two get my vote, but you have lots of nice names on your list- so I can't see you going wrong!
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    I adore Theodore Scott! I'd love to know your other children's names to better get a feel for your overall taste, but just going off of Theodore Scott, I would say the best choices would be...

    Elowen (nn Elle)

    These names are all feminine, gorgeous and sophisticated. They're also timeless and will age well and not trendy or modern. Theodore also exudes these qualities (except the feminine one, of course) which is why one of these would fit so nicely with him.
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    My favourites on your list are Elowen, Cecily, Felicity and Livia and I think they'd all work really well with Theodore!
    I think my favourite though, is Elowen, because Theo and Ellie/Elle? Love it.
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    Definitely Amelia

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