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    2,201 still sounds clunky and fusty to me. I'm also sick of hearing it, at least on nb.
    Phoebe...just sounds like feet, and no good nicknames.'s a cute sound, but it just seems like melody with the m hacked off.
    Wren...not a very pretty bird name IMO. And doesn't sound feminine either.
    Finley...on a girl, I can't stand it. So trendy, yet I've seen some like it on nb.
    Eleanor...I don't really hate it, but I think of the chipmunk. fruity and childish. Yes,I know it was a name first, but making it a fruit really damaged it as a name I think.
    Eulalie/a...such a mouthful. I pity a small child trying to say this.
    Olive...ick,,I don't get this one at all. Olive? Yes, because olives are so glamorous. Unimaginative.
    Charlotte...I've been hearing it so much that its lost its appeal

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    Quote Originally Posted by mplsdesigner View Post
    I think this is a little judgmental. Just because it's in the top 20 doesn't mean it lacks inspiration. And frankly to just lump all top 20 names into a "I can't stand them" category I find to be actually quite un-inspired. Do you actually dislike the names or just the fact that they are popular?

    For many families choosing names there may have been something else at work such as a tribute to another family member or the desire for a classic name. In previous times there wasn't such a desire for everyone to have totally one-off unique and weird names as their is now and some folks may still feel this way. We have Henry Oliver for our sons name and the popularity of Henry could bother me less. I love that it's popular because he'll never have to worry about spelling it or dealing with pronunciation issues.

    Most of all - We didn't pick the name to be unique. We picked it because Henry was a family name and a tribute to his great grandfather who passed away when I was pregnant and we wanted something classic, timeless and meaningful to us. To say we (and all those who have a name in the top 20) gave up after 5 minutes pretty offensive and stereotypes quite a large group of people.

    Just my opinion.
    Could not agree more! My oldest son was named Ryan 20 years ago. The name was chose for family reasons, and it didn't seem very popular back then (1993 was before the internet, so the luxury of researching names to death wasn't available). My second and third are popular names NOW, but weren't 10 & 7 years ago ... one of which was mason... whose name I believe wasn't in the top 50 then. Unless people are willing to go WAY outside of the box in naming their kids, your going to run into a few with the same name. I'm not a top 20 intending mom, but certainly don't wish for my kids to be ridiculed with odd monikers either. I say find a name you love that can fit in with the era of names already trending....
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    Two off the top of my head are Ellie and Ruby.

    I love both Elle and Ella but for some reason I just can't stand Ellie. And even though a lot of people seem to like it and use it, Ruby just sounds cheap to me.
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    ELIZABETH oh my gosh Elizabeth hands down. It gets so much love on this site, no one can seem to mention it without swooning. I just see it as so blah and it seems like it has so many nicknames that it's not really choosing one name.
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    Willa and Wilhelmina, which get brought up a lot. Ugh.
    Also the ugly-cute names? Winifred, Agnes, Agatha, Meredith. Nnnnope.
    I love Kaylee! The trendy names can be beautiful. Kaylee and Jayden and Piper are so nice, even if they aren't old.
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