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    Imogen and Sloane
    sorry @gblondie

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    Sawyer & Cheyenne? id think people would love Sawyer, its taken off for boys and to me is less harsh than Harper for girls

    Cheyenne is ok, its kinda dated/'been done' already

    i dont really like Imogen for anyone by the singer Imogen Heap, she was the first i heard with the name and it feels like a Cher or Madonna lol

    Beatrice is ok, not the worst thing in the world.

    Cora i just dont find it appealing, like its trying to be cute but cant make it.

    Wilhelmina is a name i wish i could like, or maybe do like for a split second and then it sinks in like a bad aftertaste.

    Josephine is again ok, but seems too common, always think of the American Girl doll.

    , been feeling it much more for girls lately

    Grace is just lovely, i liked it before but after i read the 50 Shades of Grey series (trust me every one thinks they know what its about but they are totally wrong) i love it - she's Christian Grey's mother, a truly lovely and perfect personification of Grace.

    Faith is ok, but its my cousins name and i want to stay away from family names.

    i kinda like Rose again because Ron & Hermione brought it back for me, just a simple classic, like how Jane is coming back. probably would never use it, but id spruce it up - Rosavine

    Bella and Isabella are overused, but no one can argue them as not classic or lovely

    : Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald all either scream cheap or stripper. Ruby & Pearl are fine, like their namesakes they arent as in your face, subtle.

    i also hate kry8v spellings
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    I absolutely [B]despise[B] the name Sophia/Sophie, etc. I swear, I cringe every time I hear it. I'm also not very fond of Beatrice or Josephine. They're rather depressing sounding in my opinion. As for a name I like that no one else seems to, I have Blair/Blaire. It's been a favorite of mine for years.
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    I really don't like Sophia, Astrid, Imogen and Guinevere. Everyone else seems to love them but I just can't.
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    Don't like...Ava. I know so many people who have named their babies Ava in the past 2 years, and I don't get what the appeal of it is at all. It's not a pretty name to me. Just not a fan! Don't really like the other girl names at the top of the list either (Isabella, Olivia, Sophia...) because they are just way too overused. Piper is another one that bothers me. Makes me think of Barbie's sister, Skipper!

    Love...the name Kallahan for a girl. With the K spelling. Normally I am not into the "kr8tve" spellings but my name starts with a K so I like the idea of a daughter with a K name. My husband ABSOLUTELY hates it and says it reminds him of the movie Tommy we will never, ever use it! I'm sure that one would get very little love from the berries, too!!!

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