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    What is the one name everyone else seems to LOVE, but you can't stand?

    - One name that everyone else seems to love, and you can't understand why.

    - What is one name that you love, but no one else seems to?

    There are many names i can't see the appeal of that others love, but Imogen, Piper and Beatrice top the list off. I love the name Sawyer for a girl, and the name Cheyenne, but no one else seems to!

    ** I was just bored and thought it would be fun to see all the different opinions ! Thanks All !
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    ayelet, elizabeth, cora-anything, - don`t hate, but am soo tired of are grace, faith, rose(those filler names)

    I adore sloan, and it does not seem to get a good response
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    Beatrice is one that i don't particularly care for; i don't hate it or anything, it just feels so plain and blah to me for some reason. I dislike Josephine for the same reason. Wilhelmina is one i often see on here that i just can't figure out what the appeal is.

    I wouldn't judge anyone for using them, and i accept them as legitimate good names, but at the same time i don't understand why they're popular here at all lol
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    Olivia.... and Oliver and Olive, but particularly Olivia.

    I also agree with you on Imogen, I don't see the appeal.

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    Bella...Isabella...enough with these names!

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