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    I don't like Harper, Piper, Sawyer and other tomboyish names for girls. Also, I hate Imogen, Willow, Acacia, Gretchen, Addison (but I like Allison), Dora, Trinity, Alisha and Adelaide.
    No offense for anyone who likes those names, it's just my opinion!

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    I think a lot of people dislike the Saywer/Harper/Sloane type surnames-on-girls, so I'm not going to bother listing those. I can't stand Iris, Hattie/Harriet, Ruby, Poppy, or Wendy. Ugh.

    And I'm totally in love with Pandora, which everyone seems to hate for the stupidest reasons.
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    I have a hard time seeing the appeal in Ava, Isabelle/ Isabella, Abigail, Olivia, Sophia, Claire, and Emma.
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    Clementine and Persephone. I can't get behind those AT ALL. Idk why.

    This has just been my personal experience irl, not on here. But NO ONE likes Anastasia, pronounced ah-nuh-stah-c-ya and it makes me sad

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    I can't staaaand the name Mia, and everyone around me irl loves it! It has no substance to me and it's way too cutesy and valley girl. I just hate it. Also Faith, and Grace, and Hope, and Charity, and Verity, and any of these virtue-word names that have just been done to death. They're just sickly sweet and, again, have no substance.

    I also can't get behind Beatrice, as so many love it on this site. I tried to like it, I really did, but I just can't! It seeeeems like something I'd love, with all of its history and literary roots, but it just doesn't have a pleasing sound to me. And although I love Cordelia, I really don't like Cornelia. The "corn" beginning throws me.

    I also can't really see the appeal in the popular names Isabella (it's the Isa- beginning, because Bella really is adorable, without the Twilight connection), Madison, Pippa, Emma, Claire, or any of the Est- names, like Estella.

    Edit: Ooh I forgot Emily! Yep, I don't understand that one at all, and it feels like it's the most popular name in the universe. It's so plain and uninteresting to me.
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